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Tokushu Tokai Paper Co

Quality: the proof is in the paper

Yuji Matsuda, President of Tokushu Tokai Paper Co, gives us his insight into the changing landscape of the paper industry,... June 8, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Shinkawa Electric, Japan

Helping to keep plants running safely and smoothly

The Worldfolio speaks to Fumito Shinkawa, President of Shinkawa Electric Co., a Japanese company specialising in vibration... June 8, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Saginomiya Seisakusho

Japanese craftsmanship in manufacturing

The Worldfolio speaks to Shigeyuki Nishimi, President of Saginomiya Seisakusho, which makes automatic control and vibration... June 5, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japan Inc.


We speak to Keizo Sekiya, President of TECNISCO, who discusses Japanese monozukuri, the evolution of his company and how... June 5, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

YMC, Japan

‘The incredible growth potential of our company represents an interesting opportunity for investors’

Ryuji Yamamura says developments in medical care will lead to enormous growth for his company, which is a leading developer... June 5, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Food and Food Manufacturing

Gearing up for FOOMA Japan 2018

We speak to Fumiharu Masuda, Chairperson of FOOMA JAPAN 2018, ahead of this year’s event, which takes place 12-15... May 29, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Caitac Corp, Japan

‘Made in USA’ jeans, made by Japan

The Worldfolio speaks with Masaji Kaihata, President of Caitac Corp., about his company’s operations in the U.S.,... May 28, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Education, Kuwait

Education as the backbone of Kuwait’s Economic Development

Minister Hamed Al-Azemi discusses initiatives to enhance the Education and Higher Education sector in Kuwait ahead of... May 17, 2018

Education | Middle East | Kuwait

Asti Corp, Japan

‘We are looking for some solid partners in order to further expand our medical business’

Nobukazu Suzuki, President of the ASTI Corporation, discusses his firms work in micro needle development, and its move... May 17, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Tsuneishi Group, Japan

A century of shipbuilding

An interview with Takao Kawamoto of shipbuilding firm, Tsuneishi Group.


May 16, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: An overused concept for an underused reality.


When being part of a generation on which the flag of entrepreneurship seems to be constantly waving in the sea of young professionals looking to succeed in the business world, more often than not, we tend to drown in the... Read More




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