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ACSL: Mile-high technology on auto-pilot

The fast-growing Japanese drone maker has developed its own autonomous flight control and SLAM technologies that allow its drones to be used in places... May 01, 2020

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Technology and innovation, Egypt

Postal provider becomes vibrant services and financial hub

Essam Mohamed El Saghir, Chairman, Egypt Post

The barriers to e-commerce are being eroded thanks to Egypt Post, which is enabling online trade so that Egypt can serve as a gateway to Africa.


Apr 14, 2019

Science & Technology | Africa | Egypt

Technology and innovation, Egypt

Putting Egypt at the forefront of biotech for the region

DR. WAFIK BARDISSI Chairman and CEO, Minapharm

Minapharm continues to venture into the future of biotech by investing in new facilities in Egypt and Berlin, opening the door for synergy projects... Apr 14, 2019

Science & Technology | Africa | Egypt

Concorde Security

Smart security for a smart nation

Although Singapore is known around the world for its safety – it topped the 2018 Gallup Law and Order Index thanks to its citizens’ sense... Nov 07, 2018

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Singapore

iREX, Nov 29 - Dec 2, 2017

‘Come and explore how we can shape the future together’

Mr. Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Chairman of iREX 2017 and Managing Executive Officer of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Robotics Division

Mr. Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Chairman of iREX 2017 and Managing Executive Officer of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Robotics Division, speaks with The... Nov 29, 2017

Industry & Trade | Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Regional Revitalization

Regional revitalization, the backbone of sustainable growth in Japan

Revitalization is imperative in many of Japan’s regions, which are suffering the impact of an aging population and the mass exodus of youth to major urban centers

A rapidly aging population has particularly damaging effects on rural economies. Japan’s youth are flocking to the country’s major urban... Sep 25, 2017

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Innovation South Korea

South Korea rides new wave of creativity and innovation

Left: Dr Jeong-Sun Seo, President of KoreaBio and Chairman of Macrogen. Center: Yoo Jeong-bok, Mayor of Incheon. Right: Hur In, CEO, SAMOOCM

Ranked as the world’s top innovator in the 2015 Bloomberg Innovation Index, South Korea is investing heavily in R&D as it looks to nurture... Mar 10, 2017

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | South Korea

Industrial Transformation

The robotics solution

RBI’s Maholo performs experiments previously done by humans using the same laboratory equipment, rotating around seven axes

Japanese industrial robots have been transforming the way industries work and operate, leading to enhanced efficiency and providing a remedy for a declining... Jan 31, 2017

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Hi-Tech Revolution

New technologies drive efficiency in manufacturing sector

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hopes that a new technology-driven industrial revolution will underpin a massive expansion of his country’s economy

Jan 24, 2017

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Cutting-Edge R&D

Japan strives for innovation

Many of Japan’s research projects aim at tackling climate change and reducing global dependence on fossil fuels

It might for now trail California’s Silicon Valley as the world’s leading high technology research and development hub, but Japan is starting... Nov 25, 2016

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

AI & IoT

The fourth industrial revolution, an opportunity Japan can’t afford to miss

Takahiro Hachigo, President, CEO & RD, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Through the promotion of new technologies, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, Japan is positioning itself to be a major figure in the... Sep 19, 2016

Telecoms & ICT | Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Hi-Tech Japan

Back at the forefront of innovation

Ever since the launch of its bullet train in time for the 1964 Olympics, Japan has been synonymous with technological innovation and now it is on track... Sep 02, 2016

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | Japan

NARA and the power of powder

Mr. Yorioki Nara
President of the Board and CEO of NARA MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Yorioki Nara, President and CEO of NARA MACHINERY CO., LTD., which develops leading powder... Nov 19, 2020

Total Multi-Vendor Service: a unique maintenance service model

Kyosai Technos Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in maintenance services for various devices... Oct 29, 2020

ACSL: Building next-level drones with proprietary technology

Satoshi Washiya

The fast-growing Japanese drone maker has developed its own autonomous flight control and... Apr 29, 2020

The transformative power of digitalization

Guo Fu
Chief Executive Officer of REVO TIMES

In this interview for the Worldfolio, Mr. Guo Fu, CEO of REVO TIMES, explains how his firm... Jan 10, 2020

Innovations for the next century

Mr. Kazunari Shozen
President & Chief Executive Officer of CENTURY CORPORATION

In this interview for the Worldfolio, Mr. Kazunari Shozen, President and Chief Executive... Jun 05, 2019

A clear vision for the future of ophthalmology

President of UNIVERSAL VIEW Co., Ltd.

Taro Suzuki explains discusses some of Universal View’s groundbreaking technologies,... Dec 11, 2018

Excelpoint: Empowering future technology

Albert Phuay Yong Hen
Founder, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Excelpoint Technology Ltd.

Excelpoint is one of the leading regional electronic components distributors providing quality... Nov 09, 2018

Grab is an evolving lifestyle influencer to a growing middle class in ASEAN

Lim Kell Jay
Country Head of Grab Singapore

Expecting to be part the fourth largest economic region by 2050, Lim Kell Jay, Country Head... Nov 08, 2018

E-commerce with a Singaporean accent

Siu Rui Quek
Co-Founder and CEO of Carousell

Singaporean tech company Carousell started as a smartphone and web-based consumer to consumer... Nov 08, 2018

Microsoft: supporting the digital transformation

Mr. Kevin Wo
Managing Director of Microsoft Singapore

Kevin Wo, Managing Director of Microsoft Singapore, discusses how the tech giant is helping... Oct 29, 2018

‘As an innovation leader, Bosch is shaping and driving transformation’

Mr. Martin Hayes
President of Bosch Singapore

Martin Hayes, President of Bosch Singapore, discusses the company’s involvement in... Oct 23, 2018

‘We are very focused on solving real-world problems’

Mr. Vincent Chong
President & CEO of ST Engineering

President & CEO of ST Engineering, Vincent Chong discusses how the Group has moved from... Oct 17, 2018

Transforming shipping to a digital enterprise

Capt. Rajesh Unni
Co-CEO of Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT)

Capt. Rajesh Unni discusses how Alpha Ori Technologies is transforming the multi-trillion... Oct 04, 2018

‘Come and explore how we can shape the future together’

Mr. Yasuhiko Hashimoto
Chairman of iREX 2017 and Managing Executive Officer of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Robotics Division

Mr. Yasuhiko Hashimoto, Chairman of iREX 2017 and Managing Executive Officer of Kawasaki... Nov 17, 2017

Alps Electric’s relentless pace in collaborative technological innovation

Mr. Toshihiro Kuriyama
President ALPS Electric

From smartphones, ICT devices to automobiles and the energy sector, President Kuriyama’s... Sep 11, 2017

The scientific approach to managing environmental impact

Kengo Mizuochi
President of Environmental Control Center

Kengo Mizuochi discusses Japan’s Environmental Control Center’s strategy to... Aug 12, 2017

Contributing to the people of the world with agro-technology and sincerity

Mr. Akihei Mori
President of OAT Agrio

OAT Agrio is a young agro-chemical company with a long history stretching back to the 1950s.... Aug 09, 2017

More than a creator of games, a maker of art

Mr. Owen Mahoney
President of NEXON

In this interview for the Worldfolio, Mr. Owen Mahoney, President of NEXON, shares with... May 09, 2017

Smartphone-based advertising agency is revolutionizing the Asian market

Haruhisa Okamura
President and Founder Adways Inc.

With more than 10 years’ experience, Adways is providing customized campaigns for... Apr 18, 2017

HORIBA champions ‘the Kyoto way’

Atsushi Horiba
President of Horiba

“What sets us apart is our willingness to adopt new technology that no other company... Apr 07, 2017

From start up to Argentinean leader of innovation

Martín Migoya
CEO of Globant

Among Argentina’s four entities known as the unicorn companies – start-ups to... Mar 23, 2017


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Qatar Petroleum (QP)

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Turkish Airlines

History 1933-1945: Establishment 1933: The...



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