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About us

The Worldfolio, a globally renowned content provider, commenced its operations as a result of numerous strategic alliances with an international network of world-class press agencies. The Worldfolio has grown to become one of the most popular current affairs references in the world, alternative to major information sources consulted by leading international corporations and multilateral organisations.

As media evolved, so did consumption patterns and hence the communication needs of our clients. In response, The Worldfolio successfully evolved into a global communications agency with expertise across the full range of multimedia platforms. At the core of our organization, we specialize in the creation of top quality content through investigative and insightful reporting.

Once focused on only the distribution of our contents in the most prestigious print titles such as Washington Post, Daily Telegraph, Newsweek, El País , El Mundo, IHT among others, we later began complementing our publications with events and conferences, and today The Worldfolio covers the entire spectrum of media and communications including broadcast, digital and social media. Our team is composed of investigative reporters, writers, editors, strategists, media planners, graphic designers, digital experts and producers with extensive international experience.

The Worldfolio fills a major gap in global economic appraisals as it provides market intelligence on the highest growth potential economies and focuses on understanding them from within as they play an increasingly important role in the world today, contributing to leading positive change across territories.

Markets undergoing rapid economic change are revising their approach to the global economy, particularly as nations gain influence, integrate with international markets and invite foreigners to help build their economic infrastructure, for which understanding the viewpoints of the “new world order leaders” is key not only to being well-informed, but to doing business in a globalized world.

The Worldfolio monitors the current state of the world calling upon a global network of in-country experts present in more than 50 countries each year, conducting an average of 3,000 one-on-one interviews annually with government officials, industry captains, economists and experts, averaging eight interviews a day with the most influential leaders in the world´s fastest-growing economies.

The Worldfolio contributes to help the audiences that matter understand the changing dynamics of the world scene and assess the underlying opportunities.

Our market intelligence practice provides decision makers with a high-level analysis containing local insights, thus presenting a more “complete picture” by utilizing multiple sources of information and primarily face-to-face encounters.

In a multi-industry cross country context, The Worldfolio provides high level data broken down by economic topics of interest such as; investment horizons, market attractiveness, risk exploration, sources of profit, mapping key political and business figures,  regulatory trends and success drivers.


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The Worldfolio provides intelligence about the economies with the highest growth potential in the world, with a focus on understanding them from within.


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