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Innovation South Korea

South Korea rides new wave of creativity and innovation

Left: Dr Jeong-Sun Seo, President of KoreaBio and Chairman of Macrogen. Center: Yoo Jeong-bok, Mayor of Incheon. Right: Hur In, CEO, SAMOOCM

Ranked as the world’s top innovator in the 2015 Bloomberg Innovation Index, South Korea is investing heavily in R&D as it looks to nurture a... Mar 10, 2017

Science & Technology | Asia-Pacific | South Korea

Hyundai Elevator eyes global expansion

Bob Jang
CEO of Hyundai Elevator

With the goal of being one of the world’s top seven companies in the elevator sector... Oct 19, 2016

CU: more than just a convenience store

Seok-Joh Hong
Chairman of BGF Retail

BGF Retail operates the largest network of convenience stores in South Korea through its... Oct 18, 2016

Korea’s first integrated casino resort to bring K-style to the world

Phil-lip Chun
Chairman of the Paradise Group

Market-leading integrated resort (IR) developer Paradise Group is building Korea’s... Sep 19, 2016

Strong FTA network positions Korea as “global link to success”

Yong Kook Kim
Head of Invest Korea

Following a record-breaking year for FDI inflows in 2015, the head of Invest Korea, Yong... Sep 19, 2016

Korea to become leader in Asian precision medicine

Dr Jeong-Sun Seo
Chairman of KoreaBio

Biotechnology has been identified as a potential new growth engine for the Korean economy,... Sep 09, 2016

Incheon emerges as economic hub of NE Asia

Yoo Jeong-bok
Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City

As a proud son of Incheon, who gave up a position in the National Assembly to be elected... Sep 05, 2016

SAMOOCM cements its position amongst the world’s top construction management firms

Hur In
CEO of SAMOOCM Architects & Engineers

Ranked as Korea’s leading CM company and the 13th best in the world, SAMOOCM Architects... Sep 02, 2016

South Korea: one of the best markets in the world for M&As right now

Dr Byoung Jo Chun
CEO of KB Investment & Securities

As KB Investment & Securities begins the process of merging with Hyundai Securities... Aug 03, 2016

Macrogen spearheads a revolution in healthcare based on preventative medicine

Dr Jeong-Sun Seo
Chairman of Macrogen Inc.

In a country where the failure rate of start-ups has been traditionally high, Macrogen stands... Jul 15, 2016

Smart farm technology set to revolutionize Korean agriculture

Lee Dong-Phil
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

South Korea’s rapid industrialization over recent decades has taken its toll on the... Jul 05, 2016

Korea University looks to nurture ‘pioneering intellectuals’ who can shape the 21st century

Prof. Jaeho Yeom
President of Korea University

As South Korea looks to taking a leading role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Prof.... Jun 15, 2016

Seoul ‘upholds the flag of hope’ as it leads the charge towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Park Won-soon
Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government

Seoul’s Mayor, Park Won-Soon, has won national and international plaudits for his... Jun 03, 2016

'The Korea-USA Free Trade Agreement is working'

John Schuldt
President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (AMCHAM Korea)

As the main candidates in the 2016 US Presidential election take aim at TPP and other free... May 27, 2016


Eastern Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea




total: 99,720 sq km


temperate, with rainfall heavier in summer than winter; cold winters


mostly hills and mountains; wide coastal plains in west and south


coal, tungsten, graphite, molybdenum, lead, hydropower potential


agricultural land: 18.1%

arable land 15.3%; permanent crops 2.2%; permanent pasture 0.6%

forest: 63.9%

other: 18% (2011 est.)


Korean, English (widely taught in junior high and high school)


Christian 31.6% (Protestant 24%, Roman Catholic 7.6%), Buddhist 24.2%, other or unknown 0.9%, none 43.3% (2010 survey)


49,115,196 (July 2015 est.)


presidential republic


name: Seoul


15 August 1945 (from Japan)


effective 17 July 1948; amended several times, last in 1987 (2016)


mixed legal system combining European civil law, Anglo-American law, and Chinese classical thought

GDP - real growth rate:

2.7% (2015 est.)

3.3% (2014 est.)

2.9% (2013 est.)

GDP - composition, by sector of origin:

agriculture: 2.3%

industry: 38%

services: 59.7% (2015 est.)

AGRICULTURE - products:

rice, root crops, barley, vegetables, fruit; cattle, pigs, chickens, milk, eggs; fish


electronics, telecommunications, automobile production, chemicals, shipbuilding, steel


$535.5 billion (2015 est.)

$621.3 billion (2014 est.)

EXPORTS - commodities:

semiconductors, petrochemicals, automobile/auto parts, ships, wireless communication equipment, flat display displays, steel, electronics, plastics, computers

EXPORTS - partners:

China 25.4%, US 12.3%, Japan 5.6%, Hong Kong 4.8%, Singapore 4.2% (2014 est.)


$430.8 billion (2015 est.)

$528.6 billion (2014 est.)

IMPORTS - commodities:

crude oil/petroleum products, semiconductors, natural gas, coal, steel, computers, wireless communication equipment, automobiles, fine chemical, textiles

IMPORTS - partners:

China 17.1%, Japan 10.2%, US 8.7%, Saudi Arabia 7%, Qatar 4.9%, Germany 4.1% (2014 est.)



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SAMOOCM Architects & Engineers

Vision/Mission Be a leading, global company in the...



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