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Smart Cities, Singapore

Singapore sets the gold standard for Asian smart cities

Having built on existing advantages due to its size, organization and political structure, Singapore’s commitment to create a leading economy... Nov 14, 2018

Real Estate | Asia-Pacific | Singapore

Mapletree, Singapore

Singapore real estate developer expands U.S. portfolio with student housing, corporate lodgings and logistics assets

With around $35.3 billion* of assets under management, Mapletree Investment looks to the U.S. to diversify and expand its worldwide portfolio.... Nov 12, 2018

Real Estate | Asia-Pacific | Singapore

CapitaLand, Singapore

Singapore real estate firms drive ASEAN property market boom

Already the world’s largest destination for real estate investment, Asia’s emergent middle-class population and improving business... Nov 12, 2018

Real Estate | Asia-Pacific | Singapore

Property Development

Japan real estate a safe long-term bet for investors

The commercial property and rental markets have experienced significant gains, while the Trans-Pacific Partnership and 2020 Tokyo Olympics bode well... Sep 15, 2016

Real Estate | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Al Nouh Real Estate

Province drives real estate boom

Amjad Al Nouh, Chairman of Al Nouh Real Estate

Sky-high demand is creating a plethora of opportunities for developers such as Al Nouh Real Estate

Jul 08, 2016

Real Estate | Middle East | Saudi Arabia

Citystars Properties

Creating Living Landmarks

Citystars Heliopolis (right), Citystars Red Sea Riviera (left)

Citystars Properties (Golden Pyramids Plaza S.A.E.) is Egypt’s pioneer in developing large-scale integrated mixed-use landmark developments. The... Apr 29, 2016

Real Estate | Africa | Egypt

Qatar’s real estate

Qatar’s international property portfolio expands across the globe

The CityCenterDC development in Washington D.C.

The country is expanding its impressive property portfolio with investments in the US, as well as tapping into the emerging African and Asian markets

Apr 05, 2016

Real Estate | Middle East | Qatar

Real estate investments leave “legacy” for London

Qatar’s notable ventures into the London property market are not only transforming...

The vast potential for international investors in the Egyptian real estate industry

Profits quadruple for real estate developer

Tarek Abdel-Rahman, Co-CEO of Palm Hills Developments

New regulations and a pro-business environment combine with huge demand for real estate to enable private sector developers, such as Palm Hill Developments,... Apr 01, 2016

Real Estate | Africa | Egypt

“We are looking to keep on growing”

2014 turned out to be a record-breaking year for Palm Hills Developments, Egypt’s...

Palm Hills Developments builds on success in real estate sector

The real estate developer signed two Memorandums of Understanding with the Egyptian Ministry...

Qatar Real Estate

Real estate investments leave “legacy” for London

The Shell Centre, overlooking the Thames, which is being redeveloped by Qatari Diar

Qatar’s notable ventures into the London property market are not only transforming the city’s skyline, but creating developments intended... Mar 28, 2016

Real Estate | Middle East | Qatar

Qatar’s international property portfolio expands across the globe

The country is expanding its impressive property portfolio with investments in the US, as...

Capital Business Park

‘The Capital’ place for business opens up: a game changer

Cairo’s new Capital Business Park is ideal for international investors who are coming to tap into the pent-up demand in Egyptian markets and looking... Mar 26, 2016

Real Estate | Africa | Egypt

The growth of Kuwait

General contractor a big contributor to development

Al Hamra Tower, Kuwait’s tallest structure at 414 meters, was built by Ahmadiah. Courtesy of Ministry of Information

The growth of Ahmadiah has mirrored the growth of Kuwait. Today the construction company continues its significant contribution and partnership with... Mar 24, 2016

Infrastructure | Real Estate | Middle East | Kuwait

The Horizonte Housing Project

Urbanising Angola, one housing project at a time

The Horizionte Housing Project’s first phase of 1,010 housing units have begun in Quilomoço

Kora Angola is working in partnership with the Angolan Government to construct 40,000 affordable, high-quality housing units across 15 Angolan municipalities... Mar 22, 2016

Real Estate | Africa | Angola

Housing developments to meet rapidly growing demand

A new initiative by Angola’s Instituto Nacional de Habitação is creating...

Mapletree’s growing worldwide portfolio

Hiew Yoon Khong
Group CEO, Mapletree Investments

Mapletree is a leading real estate development, investment and capital and property management... Nov 11, 2018

How Far East Organization help shape Singapore’s urban landscape

Augustine Tan
Executive Director of Far East Organization

The Worldfolio talks to Augustine Tan, Executive Director of Far East Organization, the... Nov 08, 2018

Embracing technological disruption in real estate

Ming Yan LIM
Former President & Group CEO, Board Director of CapitaLand Group

CapitaLand is one of Asia's largest real estate companies. Headquartered and listed... Oct 15, 2018

A passion for real estate

Mr. Simon Cheong
Chief Executive Officer of SC Global

SC Global is a luxury property developer in Singapore. In this interview, CEO Simon Cheong... Jun 22, 2018

‘We have always strived to create a prosperous world through construction projects’

President of Hitachi Zosen

We speak with President of Hitachi Zosen, Takashi Tanisho, about the superiority of Japanese... May 09, 2018

‘Bahrain has the highest ROI in the region’

Mr. Aaref Hejres
Chairman of Bahrain Property Development Association (BaPDA)

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Mr. Aaref Hejres, Chairman of BaPDA, discusses the... May 09, 2018

Building for a lifetime, lasting through generations

Mr Ibrahim Bah
Managing Director of Regimanuel Gray Limited

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Ibrahim Bah, Managing Director of Regimanuel Gray... Aug 10, 2017

Bahrain enhancing logistics and housing ahead of VISION 2030.

Dr. Hasan Al Bastaki
Managing Director of Manara Developments

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Dr. Hasan Al Bastaki speaks about how MANARA Developments... Mar 10, 2017

Real developments based on real demands

Aaref Hejres
Chairman of BaPDA

The Bahrain Property Development Association (BaPDA) is a non-profit organization established... Feb 16, 2017

Private sector ‘now an integral part of the regional governmental body’

Dennis Karera
Chairman of the East Africa Business Council, Managing Director of Kigali Heights and CEO of Park View Courts

Immersed in the East African private sector, Dennis Karera explains the close interrelation... Oct 28, 2016

Urban shift opens up opportunities for new communities & lifestyles

Liliane Uwanziga Mupende
CEO of Ultimate Developers Ltd (UDL)

The Vision City housing development by UDL in Kigali’s uptown neighborhood of Gaculiro... Aug 12, 2016

Japanese real estate: the smart investment

Eiji Kutsukake
President of Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc.

High demand for Japanese real estate is set to continue for the next couple of decades,... Jul 11, 2016

The bottom line in Egyptian real estate

Darwish Ahmed Hassanin
CEO of Secon

With the belief that “there are sustainable ways of earning profits out of this business... Jun 01, 2016

Blue ocean strategy to unlock ‘limitless potential’ in real estate up to ¥1bn

Seiichiro Yamaguchi
President & CEO of the Tosei Corporation

As the number one specialist investor in Japanese property under the ¥1 billion mark,... May 26, 2016

PACT to create ‘new destinations for new generations’ in Egypt

Moaaz Wessam Eldin
Managing Director of PACT Real Estate Group

The Worldfolio’s preview of an interview with Moaaz Wessam Eldin, Managing Director... May 25, 2016

Egypt’s insatiable demand for real estate makes developers hot property

Tarek Abdel-Rahman
Co-CEO of Palm Hills Developments

The clamor for property in Egypt shows no signs of abating and the resilient sector is ripe... May 24, 2016

Eden Island offers a slice of paradise to international buyers

Peter Smith
Director of Sales and Marketing, Eden Island Development Company

Built on a dead coral reef near to the capital Victoria, Eden Island has proved to be a... Apr 19, 2016

Landmark projects enable contractor to shine

Samuel Tafese
Founder and CEO of Sunshine Investment Group

Demand for real estate and infrastructure is sky high in Ethiopia and is filling the order... Apr 05, 2016

'Integrity and Innovation' expand NTT’s brand

Sadao Maki
President and CEO of NTT Urban Development

A household name in Japanese real estate is making inroads into developments in the US,... Mar 04, 2016

Demand-supply gap widens in real estate

Magued Sherif
Managing Director of SODIC

Demand for Egyptian land and property far outstrips supply – and is genuine and not... Feb 13, 2016

High quality Japanese developer looks to take its eco-friendly community model overseas

Naotake Ohno
President and COO of Daiwa House

Focused on “co-creating value for individuals, communities, and people's lifestyles”... Jan 29, 2016


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Turkish Airlines

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