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Industry veteran establishes first energy think tank in the Middle East

Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, one of the architects behind Qatar’s transformation into the leading exporter of liquefied natural gas, has established... Jun 04, 2017

Energy | Middle East | Qatar

Qatar Energy Policy

Industry veteran establishes first energy think tank in the Middle East

Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, one of the architects behind Qatar’s transformation into the leading exporter of liquefied natural gas, has established... May 05, 2017

Energy | Middle East | Qatar

Peru Extractive Industries

‘High-quality’ investors sought in minerals and hydrocarbons

Photo: Unido, Sebastian Castañeda, El Comercio

With huge potential resources offshore and in the Andean mountains, where which President Kuczynski says lie ‘the world’s greatest resources’,... Apr 04, 2017

Energy | Mining | South America | Peru

Renewable Energy

World’s leading gas exporter wants to become champion of renewable energy

Qatar is one of the few countries that can handle the full LNG production chain: upstream, downstream and transport, for which the country has the largest LNG tanker fleet in the world

Big investments such as the $10 billion Barzan Gas Project will help Qatar to secure its leading position in LNG production in the face of growing competition.... Feb 27, 2017

Energy | Middle East | Qatar

Great Inga Dam project

A solution to Africa’s power deficit

The Inga Dam phase I and II

The ambitious Great Inga Dam project on the Congo River, has the potential to generate 42,000 MW, enough electricity to power DRC and much of the continent.... Feb 13, 2017

Energy | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo

Diversity in Energy

The quest for the right power mix sparks surge in green energy potential

Left: Keizo Morikawa, President, RD & CEO, Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. / Right: Akira Nagai, President & CEO, Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

Top Japanese companies are now distancing themselves from their country’s over-reliance on nuclear power generation to focus on safer, economically... Oct 15, 2016

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Electricity Boost

$2.6bn of investments spark official launch of electricity market

Following a landmark electricity auction which signaled the start of Mexico’s commercialization of its energy sector, a second auction is penciled... Jul 04, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Gas Pipelines

Mexico’s gas network to increase 75% in two years

The recent tender for contracts for the construction of 26 pipelines will go a long way to helping Mexico reach its energy goals

Jun 28, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Implementing Reforms

CENAGAS: Mexico’s new energy overseer

The state-run company has been introduced to supervise the country’s new look, private-sector led energy industry

Jun 24, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Octopus Group

A new kind of partnership

Large international investors look to form strategic alliances with Octopus Group ahead of the maturation of energy reforms, says managing director... Jun 21, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico


González Anaya, Pemex’s new CEO

José Antonio González Anaya, Pemex’s new CEO

José Antonio González Anaya holds degrees in economics and mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)... Jun 16, 2016

Energy | North America & Caribbean | Mexico

Guyana’s Oil & Gas

Guyana aims to avoid turning its oil windfall into an economic or environmental blowout

Being a relative latecomer to the oil party means Guyana can learn from past mistakes made by more established producers, such as falling into the ‘Dutch... Jun 14, 2016

Energy | South America | Guyana

Securing access to power

Hon. Boakye Agyarko
Minister of Energy

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Boakye Agyarko, Ghana´s Minister of Energy,... Jun 23, 2017

International investors sought to exploit Argentina’s energy resources

Alejandro Bulgheroni
Chairman of Grupo Bridas and Honorary Chairman of Pan American Energy (PAE)

Recently declared as Argentina’s wealthiest individual, Alejandro Bulgheroni has built... May 22, 2017

‘GEpetrol's mandate is to be involved in the economic fabric of the country’

Antonio Oburu Ondo
General Manager of GEpetrol

GEpetrol was established as the National Oil Company of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea... Feb 21, 2017

West Group at the forefront of the green revolution

Mr. Takashi Kikkawa
Chairman and Representative Director of West Group

After years of being a “salary man”, Mr. Takashi Kikkawa decided to go it alone... Feb 16, 2017

Public-private projects bring out the best in EG’s resources

Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima
Minister for Mines and Hydrocarbons

Equatorial Guinea’s Minister for Mines and Hydrocarbons Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima... Jan 30, 2017

Electricity is Everybody´s Business

Mr. Henry O. Macauley
Minister of Energy

Jan 11, 2017

Private companies tap into potential future hub for gas transformation

Juan Antonio Ndong Ondo
CEO of Sonagas

Juan Antonio Ndong Ondo, CEO of the Sociedad Nacional del Gas de la República de... Jan 11, 2017

New push to ‘make things happen’ in renewables

Doris Capurro
President & CEO of Luft Energía

With all the apertures of the Argentine economy, the sector with the greatest growth potential... Dec 21, 2016

Indonesia’s energy program is going green

Rida Mulyana
Director General for New and Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation

Discussing Indonesia’s key priorities within the renewable energy sector, Rida Mulyana,... Dec 06, 2016

Innovative solutions for scarce resources

Khalid Abunayyan
CEO of Abunayyan Holding

As a 65-year-old diversified family company that has grown in tandem with the Saudi Arabia,... Dec 05, 2016

Enabling environment fuels gas expansion

Igor Salazar Zanelli
General Manager of Peru LNG

Peru LNG is a clear example of how large-scale investments can be carried out in the country,... Nov 25, 2016

Renewables vital to the global shift to a smart energy mix

Masato Taguchi
President of Sinanen Co. Ltd.

Originally a charcoal manufacturer then later an oil & gas wholesaler, electricity reseller... Nov 15, 2016

‘We have no doubt that we are a good partner for investors’

Marta Jara
President of ANCAP

Uruguay's state-owned petroleum company ANCAP has carried out a major efficiency-oriented... Nov 14, 2016

‘Coherence & efficiency’ define new energy approach

Bruno Kapandji Kalala
Project Director for the ADPI

Efforts in the DRC are redoubling to make the country’s long-delayed vision of building... Sep 20, 2016

World-class power electronics technologies

Masahiko Yamawaki
President & CEO of TMEIC

A global leader in energy-efficient power electronics technology and a pioneer in large... Sep 14, 2016

Cosmo targets right energy balance

Keizo Morikawa
President, Representative Director & CEO of Cosmo Energy Holdings Co. Ltd.

Keizo Morikawa, the head of Japan’s Cosmo Energy Holdings Co. Ltd., explains how the... Sep 12, 2016

From darkness to brightness

Filip Vanhoutte
General Manager of Special Techniques Company (STS)

Filip Vanhoutte, General Manager of Special Techniques Company (STS), invites greater competition... Aug 31, 2016

Regional integration powers development

Jean Bosco Mugiraneza
CEO of Rwanda Energy Group

Rich in energy sources but poor in energy supply, African nations are looking at maximizing... Aug 26, 2016

New downstream law “helps the investor more than the speculator”

Serge Kajeguhakwa
Chairman/CEO of E.R.P.

Rwanda’s new downstream law and energy regulator, RURA, look set to enhance efficiency... Aug 09, 2016

Ambitious targets charge energy sector with investment potential

Dr Ivan Twagirashema
Executive Director of Rwanda Investment Group (RIG)

A greater energy mix, better infrastructure and advanced skills development are among the... Aug 03, 2016

Smart grids, renewable sources & continental interconnectivity vital for balanced power

Matteo Del Fante
CEO of Terna

One of Europe’s leading electricity transmission grid operators, Terna is crucial... Jul 21, 2016


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