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Extractive Industries Côte d’Ivoire

Foreign investments in mining, oil and gas to drive future growth

Amara Mining will invest around $430 million to build one of the continent’s largest gold mines at Yaoure, while... August 3, 2017

Energy | Africa | Ivory Coast

Heavily investing in digitalisation

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Mr. John Awuah, CEO of Universal Merchant Bank, discusses the positive outlook... August 2, 2017

Finance | Africa | Ghana

Japan Inc. Goes Global

Shrinking domestic market pushes Japan Inc. abroad

Every challenge also brings opportunity: Japan’s aging population and shrinking domestic market urges Japanese firms... August 2, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Beyond Sports Every Day

Japanese firm Mikasa produces the official games balls for the Olympic Games, as well as the official volleyballs for... August 2, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

A global company that produces locally

INOAC Corporation has grown from a manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes to an international force to be reckoned with... August 1, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Building a bank that can compete with the best in the world

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Mr. Anselm Ray Sowah, Managing Director of GCB Bank, discusses the importance of... August 1, 2017

Finance | Africa | Ghana

Bahrain Heath

Modernisation of the healthcare sector to further attract private investment

Bahrain sees healthcare as paramount in the evolution to a service-oriented economy, and has strived to become one of... August 1, 2017

Health | Middle East | Bahrain

The foremost bank supporting SMEs

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Abiola Bawuah, Managing Director and CEO of UBA Bank Ghana, discusses the prominent... August 1, 2017

Finance | Africa | Ghana

The New Japan

The Rebirth of Japan Inc.

Thanks to a strong showing from exporters, Japan has racked up five quarters of uninterrupted economic expansion; its... July 31, 2017

Finance | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Invest in Bandung, Indonesia

Technology, creative economy drive Bandung’s growth

The capital of West Java and traditional center of the Sundanese people, Bandung is the country’s most dynamic and... July 28, 2017

Government | Asia-Pacific | Indonesia


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: An overused concept for an underused reality.


When being part of a generation on which the flag of entrepreneurship seems to be constantly waving in the sea of young professionals looking to succeed in the business world, more often than not, we tend to drown in the... Read More




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