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Real estate, Egypt

Disrupting the Egyptian real estate market with unique integrated developments

As Egypt looks to plug the huge demand gap in housing, Tatweer Misr has developed a unique project that will integrate... April 14, 2019

Real Estate | Africa | Egypt

Planning, Egypt

Vision 2030 sets out inclusive vision of the future Egypt

Incorporating the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development, Egypt’s Vision 2030... April 14, 2019

Government | Africa | Egypt

Private sector, Egypt

Private sector called to fill $230 billion investment gap to meet infrastructure needs

Recent measures aimed at improving the business climate, particularly focused on fostering private sector participation... April 14, 2019

Infrastructure | Africa | Egypt

Banking and finance, Egypt

Macroeconomic stability sets the stage for sustainable growth

Three years after signing a US$12 billion loan pact with the IMF, Egypt has enacted key structural reforms, strengthening... April 14, 2019

Finance | Africa | Egypt

Technology and innovation, Egypt

Putting Egypt at the forefront of biotech for the region

Minapharm continues to venture into the future of biotech by investing in new facilities in Egypt and Berlin, opening... April 14, 2019

Science & Technology | Africa | Egypt

Tourism, Egypt

Private sector investments in the hospitality sector to increase as a show of confidence in Egypt’s appeal as a 365-day destination

Latif Group, in line with the widespread development of tourism-related infrastructure, is planning to add several properties... April 14, 2019

Tourism & Culture | Africa | Egypt

Real estate, Egypt

Real demand and stable economic growth provide strong fundamentals for real estate sector

An estimated 500,000 new homes need to be built every year to keep pace with the expanding population and to address the... April 14, 2019

Real Estate | Africa | Egypt

Technology and innovation, Egypt

Postal provider becomes vibrant services and financial hub

The barriers to e-commerce are being eroded thanks to Egypt Post, which is enabling online trade so that Egypt can serve... April 14, 2019

Science & Technology | Africa | Egypt

Banking and finance, Egypt

Banking sector embraces digitalization towards financial inclusion and SME financing

Banque du Caire has embarked on a five-year transformation strategy that includes regional expansion, strengthening its... April 14, 2019

Finance | Africa | Egypt

Investment, Egypt

Africa’s top investment destination

Egypt is now the second largest recipient of direct U.S. investments in the Middle East.


April 14, 2019

Industry & Trade | Africa | Egypt


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: An overused concept for an underused reality.


When being part of a generation on which the flag of entrepreneurship seems to be constantly waving in the sea of young professionals looking to succeed in the business world, more often than not, we tend to drown in the... Read More




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