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Japanese brands aim to export unrivaled quality

Japanese firms take great pride in what they create and enjoy a loyal domestic customer base. A weaker yen has created... March 24, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

The Unicorns of Argentina

From start up to Argentinean leader of innovation

Among Argentina’s four entities known as the unicorn companies – start-ups to have come to the value of $1... March 23, 2017

Science & Technology | South America | Argentina

Qatar Goes Global

Banking champion sets sights on global expansion

The largest bank in the Middle East and Africa, Qatar National Bank (QNB) has a plan: keep expanding internationally and... March 23, 2017

Finance | Middle East | Qatar

Italian Style

Italianità: a unique interpretation of high-quality, style and innovation

As the undisputed global leader of design, Italy’s creative cultural tradition has evolved into a new all-encompassing... March 22, 2017

Industry & Trade | Europe | Italy

Pioneering Japanese technology

New applications developed for ostrich antibody technology

With less than 7 years of history, Zeal Cosmetics has developed not just a good range of skin care products using the... March 21, 2017

Health | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Sierra Leone Achievements

A new beginning. A resilient nation

This year Sierra Leone celebrates the 15th anniversary of the end of the civil war as a unified nation and beacon of democracy... March 17, 2017

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

Waste management Japan

Recycling: an art Japanese society is very good at

By recycling 90% of the waste managed, Daiseki has built a business model that is not just good for the environment but... March 15, 2017

Others | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Clear Vision for Kenya

Growth trajectory and increasing foreign investment drive nation towards realisation of Vision 2030

With growth expected to come in around 6 per cent in 2017 and 2018, the World Bank has called Kenya ‘one of the... March 14, 2017

Government | Africa | Kenya

ICT Bahrain

Enabling the wave of technological developments

In this interview with The Worldfolio, Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid speaks about how VIVA Bahrain, since they launched their... March 13, 2017

Telecoms & ICT | Middle East | Bahrain

Nankai Electric Railway

How to reach the major tourists spots from Kansai International Airport

With over 50% of all Japan’s national treasures, the Kansai area is increasing the number of tourist arrivals year... March 10, 2017

Transport | Asia-Pacific | Japan


The First American Demagogue


“I am not going to give you a question. You are fake news!” Donald Trump’s lashing to CNN’s reporter at his first, and likely only news conference as President-elect.  A stark break with his predecessors, with Presidents-elect Barack Obama and... Read More




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