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Ambitious strategy to boost access to education

The state has taken major steps to increase access to free education and is overseeing the construction and rehabilitation... April 28, 2017

Education | Africa | Democratic Republic of Congo

Media in Argentina

Lombardi oversees reform of public media

With Argentina’s tumultuous political and economic history, the new government came to power on a pledge of building... April 27, 2017

Telecoms & ICT | Government | South America | Argentina

Revolutionary materials made in Japan

Textiles and chemical companies develop next generation materials that aim to promote a more sustainable future

April 27, 2017

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

U.S. at the forefront of Qatar’s intensified investment strategy

Heightened cooperation in education, security, trade and QIA’s strategy shift, investing $35 billion in the American... April 26, 2017

Finance | Middle East | Qatar

Italy’s southern regions entice visitors and multinationals

Eager to embrace the world, the regions of Campania and Apulia have focused their efforts on rapidly developing tourism... April 25, 2017

Tourism & Culture | Europe | Italy

A New Focus of Tourism

Unveiling Japan

Tackling stereotypes in the tourism sector

April 24, 2017

Tourism & Culture | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Sierra Leone Foreign Relations

Sierra Leone and China continue strengthening their partnership, while Brexit opens new opportunities for historical ties with the UK

In a fast-changing global political environment, Sierra Leone’s strong relationships with both East and West set... April 21, 2017

Government | Africa | Sierra Leone

A new phase in Argentina

Brügge brings forward his agenda

Juan Fernando Brügge ruffles his office papers, “I don’t care about being ‘on’ or ‘off’... April 20, 2017

Government | South America | Argentina

Francisco de Narváez

Argentine business mogul returns to spotlight

Previously a congressman, business leader, and one of Argentina’s preeminent public figures, Francisco de Narváez... April 20, 2017

Industry & Trade | South America | Argentina

Argentina’s new stock exchange

Argentina consolidates its capital markets

The unification of the markets.  Putting an end to local infighting, Argentina’s main stock exchanges have... April 20, 2017

Finance | South America | Argentina


The First American Demagogue


“I am not going to give you a question. You are fake news!” Donald Trump’s lashing to CNN’s reporter at his first, and likely only news conference as President-elect.  A stark break with his predecessors, with Presidents-elect Barack Obama and... Read More




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