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Hitachi Construction Machinery

Behind successful building projects are the machines that are built to last

Kotaro Hirano, CEO of Hitachi Construction Machinery, discusses the company’s worldwide operations and how it is... February 6, 2018

Infrastructure | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japanese SMEs

Neuron branches out

The Worldfolio sat down to discuss the operations of joint and pipe manufacturer Neuron, with its President Shinichi Iwamoto

February 5, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan


Innovative materials to lead transformative trends in automotive, civil engineering and semiconductor industries

Elastomix president Kazushi Abe talks to The Worldfolio about the unique know-how and technology Elastomix utilizes to... February 5, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Ratio Kogyo, Japan

Exploring new ground

Civil engineering firm Raito Kogyo, whose main business is in slope protection and stabilization, ground improvement and... February 1, 2018

Conglomerate | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Higher education, Japan

‘Our goal is to endlessly create key technologies in the field of ICT’

The Worldfolio sat down with Ryuichi Oka, President of the University of Aizu, to discuss internationalization of the... January 31, 2018

Education | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Japan International Cooperation Agency

JICA triggers a virtuous cycle towards the achievement of SDGs in ASEAN and beyond

Mr. Shinichi Kitaoka, President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), highlights the importance of international... January 26, 2018

Government | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Tourism Japan

Tohoku: discovering Japan’s hidden gem

Part of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s agenda is regional rivatalization through tourism development. In this interview,... January 26, 2018

Tourism & Culture | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Sosei World Co., Japan

Revolutionary water, made in Japan

The Worldfolio interviews Mr. Toshiharu Fukai, President of Sosei World, which has developed a revolutionary water that... January 24, 2018

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Sosei World Co., Japan

Sosei Water: an answer to fracking concerns?

An environmentally minded Japanese company has developed a special water with unique properties that allow it to be used... January 24, 2018

Energy | Asia-Pacific | Japan

Electronic Design Automation

Zuken Inc., a pioneer in the EDA industry set to grow globally

Thanks to its historical expertise in Electronic Design Automation, Zuken Inc. has been assisting global electronic manufacturers... January 8, 2018

Industry & Trade | Asia-Pacific | Japan


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: An overused concept for an underused reality.


When being part of a generation on which the flag of entrepreneurship seems to be constantly waving in the sea of young professionals looking to succeed in the business world, more often than not, we tend to drown in the... Read More




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