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Hidalgo, a state meant for greatness

Article - November 5, 2012
This Mexican state has been making the most of its vast resources to ensure that good planning, a collective spirit and sheer hard work combine to help the area to maximise its potential
If you are looking for a place that offers a stable and exciting economy, look no further than Hidalgo. This is a territory that has been flourishing for quite some time. Hidalgo has transformed itself into an important state with several booming sectors that are now reaping the rewards. It is, indeed, a credit to the people of Hidalgo and their entrepreneurial abilities that this state has become a force to be reckoned with. There are various sectors that have been thriving. To begin with, there is technology. For example, a new traffic light and video surveillance system has come on stream in the capital city, Pachuca.

Infrastructure has also played an important role in the development of the state. The first stage of the Pachuca-Huejutla motorway is testimony to the development of roads in the area. Construction-wise, studies for the building of another dam in La Huasteca region have come to the fore, as well as given guarantees for various municipal development plans including the purchase of land banks for industrial parks and housing.

Jose Francisco Olvera Ruiz, Governor of Hidalgo, has managed to establish a government that is firmly in touch with the people. During his time in office, he has visited 464 communities, proof of his citizen-centred politics.

Hidalgo’s growth can be attributed to several factors. The first is the government’s promotion of both national and international investment through programmes aimed to facilitate the establishment of new enterprises. There have been a total of 19 large projects of private investment registered (10 are being installed and nine are already in operation). Such projects involve a commitment of more than $385 million (£240 million) in investment, and it is anticipated that over 5,000 jobs will be created.

The signing of the agreement between Prime Minister David Cameron and Mexican President Felipe Calderon is set to double bilateral trade agreements between both countries up to the year 2015.

Consequently, Hidalgo expects to increase the presence of British investors in several key sectors: aerospace, automotive, mining, infrastructure and petrochemicals.

Governor Olvera Ruiz comments on the advantages Hidalgo has to offer.
“Hidalgo has an enormous advantage because of its location. We are less than 60 kilometres (37 miles) away from the Metropolitan Area of Mexico; that is, we are very close to the largest potential market in Latin America, where more than 25 million people converge.

“The second is connectivity. The roads of the Northern Arc have been recently built, with the purpose of connecting the country’s roads of the east with the west, and especially those coming from south to north, which were practically the first and the most frequently used roads. Nearly finished is a road that will cut through Tuxpan, which will give the ease of being three hours away from the coast,” he says.

The country, he adds, is also in a unique situation where it can plan land use in order to promote the development of cities and industrial areas. The Valley of Mexico is getting over-crowded and can only grow to the north, where Hidalgo is situated.

There is also the proximity and connectivity of the land. The state plans sustainable development to provide services to develop both residential and industrial areas.

Last but not least is the collective spirit of the people of Hidalgo. The territorial area may be difficult and challenging with its deserts and hilly areas but the inhabitants have risen to the challenge. The first sign of adapting to this land was the irrigation method installed 60 years ago, revolutionising the entire system. All the adversities presented by the land have been overcome thanks to a hardworking, committed and witty society, capable of providing the best services for all types of work.

“The people of Hidalgo are creative and committed to giving what it takes to work,” says Mr Olvera Ruiz.

Not only, then, has the state’s government been successful in boosting growth, but the people of Hidalgo are doing their utmost to ensure that Hidalgo acts as a logistical and industrial hub.