Sunday, Jun 23, 2024
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Sekisui House paving way for the next generation of homes

Article - February 12, 2024

As a pioneer in prefabricated housing, Sekisui House is now looking towards ZEHs and digital technologies as the next step in the evolution of homebuilding and living.

“Our global vision is to make home the happiest place in the world.”

Yoshihiro Nakai, President & CEO, Sekisui House, Ltd.

Initially established to help Japan cope with the difficulties of building houses in the post-war era, Sekisui House has played a key role in the popularization of prefabricated homes and is today regarded as a major industry player.

“Our pre-engineered houses have two notable characteristics,” explains company president, Yoshihiro Nakai. “One is that we have introduced robotics into our factories and we have also promoted automation through the introduction of new equipment and AI as well as DX. The other is that we use our own subsidiary, Sekisui House Construction Group, to do the foundations for the houses.”

This willingness to innovate and move with the times can be seen with the development of SHAWOOD, a highly engineered home that can withstand harsh natural conditions and whose structure is strengthened by the use of the company’s pioneering Metal Joint System.

Other concepts gaining similar traction are the Family Suite, where families can be present in one space while carrying out different tasks; and the Platform House concept, which aims to use various data on household patterns and routines to offer new services such as preventative health care.

Elsewhere, the company is well on its way to realizing its aim of supplying 10,000 houses overseas by the year 2025, and has recently been tasked with building 57 new SHAWOOD homes in Southern California.

Nor has Mr. Nakai ruled out the prospect of introducing zero-energy houses (ZEHs) to the US market, highlighting the importance of carbon neutrality and zero emissions to the company’s continuing success.

Now and for a limited time, 57 luxury home sites are available in Sommers Bend, Temecula