Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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The Macro Possibilities of Micro Particles

Article - May 21, 2023

With its high-quality synthetic silica, Fuji Silysia is supporting key industries, from food to chemistry.

“We cultivate niche markets where there is a need from the customers.”

Katsumi Ishizaka, President & CEO, Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd.

When Fuji Silysia Chemical (FSC) was founded in 1965 as a company specializing in synthetic amorphous silica, the value of silica as a natural resource was yet to be fully recognized. Today, with its exceptional chemical stability, synthetic amorphous silica is used in a wide range of commercial applications and has become indispensable for our  modern way of life.

Through its SYLYSIA brand, FSC is continuously exploring silica’s dynamics to develop new applications for this versatile material. “Similarly, we are guided by evolving technology to uncover greater possibilities toward meeting the needs of a diverse marketplace,” says Katsumi Ishizaka, the company’s president.

“Our products are always evolving as we try to catch up with customer requirements based on our company philosophy ‘ONE CUSTOMER, ONE GRADE’.” For example, with paints and plastics, these industries are making new technological innovations and our products are always needed to support them, especially with paint, which is used everywhere. Plastic films, on the other hand, are also widely used, in everything from solar panels to smartphones. Our silica gel is a crucial part of the manufacturing process.”

Even in these existing fields, the FSC president says he sees great potential for growth, but that the company’s strategy is to explore niche fields too.

“In the field of chemistry, there is an important mission to respond to eco-friendly needs for CO2 capture with CARiACT, a specialty silica gel for catalyst supports. One example is called FT catalyst. There are lots of big companies now studying e-fuels and other processes, and we collaborate with them.”