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Staatsolie reinvests its profits in education

Article - August 27, 2012
A Masters in Petroleum Geology is available from Faculty of Technological Sciences
taatsolie firmly believes that people are central to its successes and as a result, human resource development is a vital aspect of its business. Regular training and development programs have resulted in a pool of educated and dedicated professionals who have mastered the entire process of exploration, development, production, refining and marketing.

Since its origins the company has spearheaded initiatives aimed at increasing the welfare of the community. However, in 2009 Staatsolie created a special foundation to better channel its efforts. The Staatsolie Foundation for Community Development supports sustainable development projects, namely in the areas of education, health and safety, the environment, sports, arts and culture, energy, and entrepreneurship.

Company Managing Director Marc Waaldijk in his anniversary speech called on “everybody” to contribute to the company’s further growth: “We want to help make Suriname a prosperous country. We need to take the way we do business to an even higher level.”

The Staatsolie Building, which houses the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Anton de Kom University (ADEK), was inaugurated in December 2007. In February 2010, ADEK began offering a MSc in Petroleum Geology, financed by Staatsolie.

Mr. Waaldijk says that as Staatsolie grows it will not neglect its responsibilities. “Our social responsibility will drive us to pay special attention to making a tangible contribution in order to lift education to the highest level.”


29/11/2012  |  15:46
100% of 1

We need more oil companies to follow Staatsolie's example!

28/01/2013  |  2:00
100% of 1

Yey for Staatsolie!!

05/09/2013  |  18:07
100% of 1

I want to start at ADEK in september