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Banking on a belief in the future creates the country's largest local bank

Article - October 15, 2013
Faith in the nation's future and strong relationships with more than 50 banks on five continents have made CCEI Bank GE the country's number one bank
Before the “oil rush” and the massive expansion of the country’s hydrocarbon sector and the subsequent rise in investor confidence, CCEI Bank GE launched with great conviction in the future of Equatorial Guinea. Established in 1994, at a time when few large companies would risk making substantial investments in the country, CCEI Bank GE determined to be a long-term partner in the nation’s growth. 
As a subsidiary of Cameroon-based Afriland First Bank, which was created in 1987, it is part of the parent company’s drive to change the image of the continent through social and economic-focused projects. By providing a wide range of financial services and numerous social development initiatives, the long-sighted vision of the founders of CCEI Bank GE has resulted in the largest bank in the country by assets, branch network, capitalisation and market share. The bank generated pre-tax profits of 20 billion francs (£24.4 million) in 2011, a 54 per cent increase on the 13 billion francs it made the previous year. 
In October 2012, the bank celebrated the inauguration of its impressive new headquarters in Bata with a week of cultural activities and social events. According to Joseph Celestin Tindjou, Director General of CCEI Bank GE, the new HQ meets all security standards required by the Bank of the African Central States (BEAC) and the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC), the body of sub-regional control of banking.
Initially based in Malabo, CCEI Bank GE also has branches in Bata, Ebibeyin and Mongomo. Expanding its network of branches, ATMs and electronic points of sale is part of its strategy of widening access to banking products across the country and encouraging the use of electronic payments. 

Since its creation, customers have been the focus of this organisation and its concerns.

Joseph Celestin Tindjou, 
Director General of
CCEI Bank GE finances a wide range of activities and its loyal client base spans individual clients to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and some of the country’s largest companies. With a belief that ‘good business is good for all’, in addition to providing credit and loans, CCEI Bank GE also prides itself on the practical support it has to offer to help entrepreneurs of all sizes expand their businesses and make their money work effectively.  
The bank takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. It offers scholarships for students to study and train abroad, backs various projects aimed at encouraging the nation’s youth, and provides ongoing support and maintenance at an infectious disease unit built in Malabo in 2006 to help in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The bank also provided support for the national team in this year’s African Cup of Nations (CAN 2012) football tournament.  
Beyond its home borders, CCEI Bank GE continues to forge stronger international alliances with financial institutions around the world, from Cameroon and Congo to China, France and Sao Tome and Principe.