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Actinver for smart investments

Interview - June 26, 2012
Upper Reach speaks with Mr. Hector Madero Rivero, President of Actinver, a leading investment advisory company and one of the fastest growing companies nationwide
What are Actinver’s competitive advantages and how does the company contribute to the financial sector in Mexico?

We are a group of companies engaged in financial advisory and investment management. We are a private bank that caters to individuals who want to invest their resources wisely, and on the other hand we have an investment bank that is every day seeking to be more creative and bring companies to the Mexican stock markets. In this way, we believe that we help companies to have access to stock markets, as well as helping people to make smarter investments, which go beyond the typical traditional short-term investment bank to more sophisticated products.

Given the government's goal to double trade relations with the UK by 2015, what growth opportunities are presented for Actinver and how does the company benefit from the British investor?

We already have relationships with several large British portfolio managers and asset managers that operate globally. Mexico is a unique opportunity for people who are looking for profitable investments with a medium-term vision. Through the various local players who have their funds from emerging growing markets, one can have access and invest in the Mexican market.

Despite the international crisis, Mexico is positioned as one of the top Latin American destinations for foreign investors. From a financial services point of view, what would you say is the potential for Mexico to become the regional hub for the entry of European capital?

We don't see ourselves as a hub for Latin America; rather, I think the potential is in Mexico, per se. It is a country of 125 million inhabitants, where the average age is 25 years, and where in the next ten years most of these young people will enter their productive years. This is a huge potential for the financial services. If we see the size of local markets, people say that there has been very little growth in recent years and it is very small if you compare it against the size of the economy. You cannot speak of a stock market where there are more than 100 public companies where more than 12,000 companies are registered as major contributors to the tax authorities. So we believe there is much to do, we believe that there are many companies who have not had the opportunity to go to public markets to raise capital and to be more competitive, and on the other hand we see a clear need for products for these young people that are entering their productive stage.

What is Actinver's strategy with this new concept of image?

We're just trying to approach people who have invested in an extremely conservative way and have had very little access to financial investment products, trying to show them that there are new ways to invest through the mutual funds and that there are other types of instruments that may provide better yields.

How is Actinver being promoted in this new productive generation that you mentioned before?

We are not an institution for everyone; we are a private bank that is only for those who are aware that there are new and smarter ways to invest. It is through different fronts, trying to reach young people through different ways. We have a large number of young counselors who are in the same world. It is not through mass media or anything like that.

With the European crisis and Mexico trying to diversify its trade relations, what opportunities does Actinver offer to European investors who, due to the crisis, want to invest in México?

We have one of the best asset management areas of the country. I think that during the past 15 years they have been consistently generating above-market returns with both the debt and the capital instruments. We are focused on identifying where the best investment opportunities are in Mexico, not only in the stock markets, but also in the private equity investments. We know and understand the Mexican idiosyncrasy, which often for foreign investors is hard to understand. We are dedicated local experts in what we do.

Actinver started as a family business and now is public, what can you say about this?

Actinver has been 100 per cent public for two years already. We have more than 2,000 shareholders, where nobody individually has more than 10 per cent of the company. There isn't a trusteeship that controls the company. Our family, through its six members, holds about 20 per cent of the company, but no more. The company has a fully independent board, where no one has full control or anything like that.

How does Actinver contribute to the community?

It has been decided by the board and shareholders that a percentage of each year profits shall be assigned to social, education, health and environmental matters.

How would you like to be remembered in Actinver and what legacy would you like to leave?

We are not seeking personal fame. We started with very few and have grown in quantity. It is for this reason that we want to be a business that is a pillar in the country's financial system. However, this is not going to be achieved with one person.