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Soaring from strength to strength

Article - November 13, 2012
Habib Group stands true to its tagline "Serving the Nation to Build the Future". They provide a wealth of products and services ranging from fertilizers and power to textiles and apparel to ship recycling, steel and cement, which further expand and sustain domestic economic growth.
Founded in 1947 as a trading company by late Habib Ullah Meah, the Habib Group’s success is also owed to its visionary management team and their speed in both realizing and developing Bangladesh’s most abundant resource: manpower.  Going into business an astounding 65 years ago, the Ali family have brought pride to their region (Chittagong) and their country.

Habib Group now welcomes its newest company, Regent Airlines. Being able to travel efficiently and comfortably is crucial to the business environment of Bangladesh, and indeed the business development of Bangladesh.
Managing Director Yasin Ali explains, “For businesspeople, time, not money, is very important. You have to give them trust and dependability, and that is what we are looking to provide.”

The quality and popularity of the Regent domestic service is exemplary of the thriving Bangladesh economy, and Mr. Ali reiterates, “Our objective is to be the market leader in point-to-point destinations.”

The company has already taken extraordinary strides in accomplishing its goal and plans to add jet planes to its fleet by the end of the year.


Md. Shafiqul Anwar Khan
06/05/2013  |  6:26
100% of 1

We are proud of our Chairman Sir.

07/10/2013  |  18:34
100% of 1

we are proud of our MD Sir.