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Yamato Gokin: unique materials manufacturer continues to support global industry

Article - September 11, 2023

As a leading firm in the manufacture of thermally conductive materials, Yamato Gokin is now looking to tackle the global market.

First established more than 80 years ago, Yamato Gokin now supplies more than 100 different copper alloys and is looking to expand its customer base around the world.

The firm already counts Honda among its clients, and has the capacity to supply its products to an increasingly diverse range of industries.

While the company has become “very successful” in making products for fusion reactors, president Genjiro Hagino states that Yamato Gokin is “still conducting research in other industries, for applications in hydrogen industries, powders and even 3D printing.”

Of those mentioned above, it is the hydrogen industry that appears to offer the most potential. Copper alloys, Dr. Hagino explains, are resistant to hydrogen embrittlement, making them suitable for parts of the heat exchangers under the high pressure of hydrogen in hydrogen stations. 

As well as growing its existing presence in Portugal, the firm is keen to target the U.S. and Canadian markets. Dr. Hagino adds: “Currently we are exporting our materials to Europe for use in aerospace and fusion energy industries, as I believe our technical capabilities are higher than those of local companies.”

With the applications for the firm’s materials potentially “endless”, however, Dr. Hagino is equally focused on employee wellbeing. A yearly music concert and barbecue for all Yamato Gokin employees, subcontractors, and locals provides the opportunity for them to exchange views on the way the company is run, a process which Dr. Hagino himself describes as “very important”.

As for the future, the goal is to have as many global branches as possible so that Yamato Gokin’s reputation continues to flourish in the years to come.