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The unique touch of Imabari quality

Article - July 3, 2020

For over 100 years, Fujitaka Towel has harmonized high technology and the famous Imabari tradition to craft the perfect towel.


While regions like Champagne (France), Rioja (Spain) and Parma (Italy) are synonymous with high quality you can taste, the Japanese city of Imabari is reputed for superior quality you can feel the moment it touches your skin.

For over 120 years, monozukuri (Japanese craftsmanship) in Imabari has focused on the art of towel making, which is why the city has been dubbed the “Mecca of Towels”. For a towel to be considered an Imabari towel, it must undergo rigorous testing and adhere to the world’s most stringent standards of quality, softness and water absorbency.

Established in 1919, Fujitaka Towel is one of the leading and long-standing Imabari towel manufacturers, having cultivated excellent technology and knowhow over the past century in order to craft the perfect towel that stands out from the competition.

“Shortly after the company was founded, we gained a reputation as ‘Fujitaka: The Technological Company.’ We have always led the towel industry, producing famous brands of towels, and registering various patents,” explains president, Akira Fujitaka.

“Furthermore, focusing on inhouse production, we have an integrated production system from yarn dyeing to the fi nished product. Every day, our employees are proud to manufacture the most innovatively designed towels, and Fujitaka’s mission is to provide our customers with the safest and highest quality product.”

From procurement of the fi nest raw materials, such as handpicked Indian cotton, through to weaving, dyeing, post-production rinsing and neatly packaging the fi nal product, each segment of Fujitaka’s eight-step production process is carried out with the utmost care and dedication. And it is this dedication to the craft that has ensured the company’s position as number one in sales in Japan.

“At Fujitaka, we all love making things. The process of towel making is an intricate and complicated process, but it’s great to create things from scratch,” adds Mr. Fujitaka. “Our goal is to deliver happiness and a unique experience to our customers. We want them to feel the emotion and dedication that we put into making our towels.”

Having cemented its reputation in Japan over the past century, the company now aims to reach a wider international customer base that have yet to experience the high quality, craftsmanship and unmistakable feel of an Imabari-made towel from Fujitaka.


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