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TADASEIKI: injection mold professionals

Article - November 28, 2023

Yearly, TADASEIKI manufactures approximately 500 molds. Each one of the molds is valued by end users/ customers for determining successful productivity.


“Molds are important tools and a key driver of productivity for our customers.”

Norio Tada, President, TADASEIKI Co., Ltd

TADASEIKI Co. Ltd., one of Japan’s most reputable mold manufacturers, was established in 1964 in Gifu, Japan. Having had almost 60 years of experience in the market, TADASEIKI has proven its existence in the local and international markets.

This, nevertheless, was achieved by learning from its failures and successes and thus, striving to improve and develop our technology.

TADASEIKI is very keen to ensure its customers’ manufacturing products are high-precision and defect-free, as these molds are commonly used in industries such as automotive and industrial machinery.

For years, limited precision from machining tools has made mold manufacturers struggle to produce burr-free products. But, after years of painstaking development, we believe that we have reached the level of producing a burr-free product.

“The occurrence of burrs is typically due to dimensional errors,” says Norio Tada, president of TADASEIKI. “To prevent resin from entering the gaps between the parting lines, using our method we meticulously remove these gaps. This is how we manufacture a burr-free product.”

“It is important to recognize the challenges faced in achieving such a level of precision,” Mr. Tada emphasizes. “Throughout the manufacturing process, we have gained valuable knowledge and experience and are capable of creating seamless surfaces through techniques such as grinding and milling.”

In addition, TADASEIKI has the expertise to meet any request, regardless of the complexity, and is prepared to comply with customer specifications/ requirements for producing a more challenging technology. TADASEIKI also provides measurement services for mold parts to search for deformation and residue. “Ultimately, the success of achieving high precision lies in the design and meticulous execution during the manufacturing process,” adds Mr. Tada. “While it is true that higher levels of precision can be achieved with a larger investment, our company prides itself on delivering the same result with a more effective method.”

Furthermore, one area that holds great potential for the future of mold industries is decorative injection mold, which can be applied to various industries, including automotive. TADASEIKI aims to develop high-quality decorative mold required for the interiors of the next generation of automobiles, i.e., autonomous and electric vehicles. “It is worth noting that decorative mold can go beyond mere aesthetics.” Mr. Tada explains. “I strongly believe that the utilization of decorative mold will contribute to significant growth in the molding industries.”

The resin used in decorative mold is particularly suitable for addressing electromagnetic interference and managing heat generation in electric vehicles (EVs). The company’s knowledge is highly recognized by its customer considering TADASEIKI has been the preferred partner in solving EV-related issues - this has been a true privilege for Mr. Tada.

“Moreover, this technology is also applicable in liquid silicone molding. Typically, mass production of liquid silicone molds is hindered by the occurrence of burrs. However, our technology shows much more efficient results. Rather than pursuing entirely new concepts, we are focusing on perfecting our fundamental technology,” Mr. Tada says.

“Many customers emphasize the importance of precise molding in their research and development. When facing the issues stemming from inaccurate molding, they will struggle to identify the root cause. Consequently, they will have to seek flawless mold, which is the reason they rely on our expertise. Numerous customers certify the precision of samples produced from our mold.”

Expanding globally, TADASEIKI has been focusing on three countries, namely China, India, and the United States (U.S). While TADASEIKI has successfully collaborated and penetrated Indian and Chinese markets, penetrating the U.S. market will be a longer-term goal due to the company currently seeking local partners.

International growth is an important key to TADASEIKI’s goal to reach its sales targets of 6 billion yen over the next 5-6 years and 12 billion within 12 years. Nevertheless, it is just as important for the company to enhance its contribution to the local community in Gifu. “While I am confident that TADASEIKI can sustain its operations beyond our 65th anniversary in 2029 at our current scale, survival is insufficient to thrive in Gifu or Japan as a whole,” says Mr. Tada. “We need to contribute to our local community. We are actively pursuing collaborations with the local community, recognizing that our ability to contribute to Gifu hinges on increasing revenue and expanding our workforce.”