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SkyTeam membership seals Saudia’s global

Article - March 7, 2013
Technical upgrades and fleet modernization helped Saudi Arabian Airlines become one of the 19 members of SkyTeam, a leading alliance in the international airline industry
During the past five years, Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) has advanced remarkably. It has upgraded its technical infrastructure, shifted to the most advanced Amadeus passenger management system, and modernized its fleet with the purchase of 90 new state-of-the-art aircraft from Airbus and Boeing. It has also been busy improving customer services and completing the privatization of its catering, cargo and ground services units.
The company’s endeavors are bearing fruit: May 29, 2012 became an important date in Saudia’s history when it officially joined the global SkyTeam alliance, which now has 19 premier airlines as its members.
Saudia’s management and staff have gone to great lengths to fulfill the conditions set by the alliance. Their efforts, in addition to the upgrading of technical infrastructure and fleet modernization, include the restructuring of the company’s administration – all being instrumental in further strengthening the organization.
The airline’s different strategic units – such as catering, cargo, ground services, maintenance, and private airline – compete with one another to provide the best services to clients and contribute to generating healthy profits. These entities have applied their considerable experience to confront market challenges, especially regional and international competition.
Saudia’s future plans include extending flights to more international destinations. It currently operates routes to more than 100 destinations across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, and intends to expand its operations to new markets after studying their market potential. Its SkyTeam membership further supports Saudia’s drive to go more global, as well as its dedication to meeting the requirements of its passengers.
Saudia actively participates in regional and international aviation organizations. It is one of the founders of the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO), which serves Arab airline companies, represents their common interests, and strengthens their cooperation to improve operational efficiencies. 
The organization now has 28 members and Saudia plays an important leadership role, being the largest airline in the region. It has hosted AACO’s annual general assembly meetings a number of times as part of its efforts to strengthen the pan-Arab body and adopt joint strategies to confront challenges facing the industry. 
In addition, Khaled Al-Molhem, the Director General of Saudia, has been re-elected to the board of governors of the renowned International Air Transport Association (IATA).