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Shinmaywa leverages M&A strategy to expand internationally

Article - November 10, 2022

With over 100 years of history, Shinmaywa is no stranger to adapting to the needs of the time. Today, the Hyogo headquartered firm has embarked on a strategy of acquisition of overseas companies that have unique technologies it can leverage on in order to achieve its 2030 Longterm Vision.

The acquisition of three foreign companies in five years continued ShinMaywa Group’s long- term vision oriented towards 2030, which looks to expand profits and sales with overseas growth through such alliances. “These companies had the technologies we were missing, so that’s why we purchased them,” explains company president and CEO Tatsuyuki Isogawa.

“The alliances, whether domestic or foreign, are to acquire unique technology, and while Southeast Asia is a good source for this growth, a sales and distribution partner is required, so that we can maximize our local production capabilities.”

Social contribution is the key role of the Group and in North America, ShinMaywa (America), Ltd.’s main products – wire processors, which improve productivity in the auto- mobile industry, and pumps for wastewater treatment – are just two examples that have garnered an excellent reputation in this regard.

In addition, ShinMaywa constantly strives to discover new in- sights that customers are not aware of in order to create new businesses that solve social issues worldwide.

As the proud manufacturer of the US-2, the world’s only amphibian aircraft capable of open- sea landing and takeoff, and operated by the Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force, Mr. Isogawa is clear that his company, twice named Supplier of the Year by Boeing, is so much more than just an aircraft-related business.

“We want to be recognized as a global company providing services to a wide variety of industries.”