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Aviation ventures demonstrate lofty ambitions of Zagros

Article - October 4, 2012
The airline will further increase the accessibility of the region to the world's business and tourist travelers
The Zagros Group aims to develop the Iraqi and Kurdistan regions and give them an international profile. One effective way of doing this is through aviation. It is a marketing tool in itself to see a country’s flag or a slogan on the side of an aircraft, and this has been recognized by Zagros.

Their development in the aviation sector began in 2005 when the old international airport was developed and the group registered Zagros Air.

“We were very instrumental in bringing airlines to Erbil and to other international destinations.”

Sheikh Saman, Chairman of the Zagros Group
When Zagros saw that Iraqi Air could not cope with increasing demand, they started leasing aircraft and flew to neighboring countries, and in December 2005, they started flying to Istanbul.

Sheikh Saman, the Chairman of Zagros, feels honored by his achievements in the sector.

“We were very instrumental in bringing airlines to Erbil and to other international destinations,” he says.

The country had been at war for 40 years and it takes a long time to repair the damage done. However Zagros is doing everything it can do help rectify the situation.

“With the continued cooperation between local businesses and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the fact that we all share the same goal, means we are surpassing all obstacles,” Sheikh Saman says.

There are many positives in Kurdistan that Zagros has had a direct influence on. In 2006 Zagros Air signed an agreement with Austrian Airlines and most recently with Lufthansa to be their preferred general sales agent. This has helped changed the image of Kurdistan. CEO of Zagros, Delsoz Sherwani agrees.

“It gives the impression the country is safe if international airline companies are offering flights here,” he says.

The only way is up for Kurdistan, and coupled with the support of Zagros, the sky is the limit.