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Sew good: Tajima continues to revolutionize global embroidery industry

Article - September 6, 2019

Synonymous with embroidery and a pioneer of garment & textile manufacturing the world over, Tajima Group’s innovative philosophy remains as close knit as ever. Today, the Japanese manufacturer is trying to enter into non-traditional markets using all its experiences of embroidery machine development.



In 1964, the Tajima Group developed their multi-head embroidery machine.

Its goal was to make high-end manually produced embroidery accessible and familiar to people internationally, and to cultivate rare artisanal skills developed over generations with advanced technology.

Since then, the company has provided over 3,000 embroidery machine models to thousands of customers in more than 130 countries around the world – making the Tajima brand synonymous with embroidery and a pioneer of the garment & textile manufacturing industry globally.

“Our brand and company are famous for the multi- head embroidery machines which came from the idea of automation for the garment & textile industry,” explains Mr Hideki Tajima, President of Tajima Industries Ltd. “Embroidery used to be made by sewing machine with one operator, however, the development of its multi-head embroidery machines provided the operator with a lot more flexibility.”

Even today, Tajima’s embroidery machines have a reputation that is hard to beat. While built to traditional standards, they are manufactured to last with the latest technology and innovation. Carrying this reputation forward, the Tajima Group is represented by two entities: Tajima Industries Ltd., the brand’s general worldwide distributor; and TISM Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the machines which undertakes several tasks from design and development of new products to after-sale services.

“Here at Tajima we believe the ‘Made by Japan’ concept, is still respected by many people out there,” says Mr. Tajima. “While there are customers out there who just want a cheaper product, they will go to other countries for this. However, with regards to a product being manufactured with pure precision along with the after service we provide, this cannot be beat. This is the essence of Japanese manufacturing.”

Over the past 50 years, Tajima has been successful in establishing a global network outside of its Japanese base, with two main locations in USA and France. Beyond this, Tajima has over 50 distributors all over the world.

“It’s not easy to meet all the needs from different countries, so this is why we work very hard with our distributors locally as we are always thinking what the best product for this part of the world can be,” says Mr. Tajima. “This is also why our global expansion was and continues to be sustainable and successful.”

One of Tajima’s latest innovations – i-TM (Intelligent Thread Management) – is a “next-generation embroidery machine” and yet another world first for the company.

The product offers state-ofthe-art automated embroidery quality control, enabling to provide proper upper thread tension without manual adjustment. As it is automated, no special operational skills are required to use i-TM, allowing you to achieve the highest quality of embroidery and boosting productivity, uniformity, and repeatability due to its preciseness.

“i-TM is symbolic of the company’s central philosophy”, says Mr. Tajima, “to use our inventiveness to attain our unattained goals and to keep providing world-class products along with world class service.”

This philosophy can be applied not only to the development of new products, services and markets, but to traditional areas of focus too, enabling the company to continually reinvent itself and stay at the top of the industry.

“Our company has strength and tradition in the garment & textile manufacturing segment. Indeed, garment & textile manufactures are our main customers. However, we are constantly looking to the horizon, and looking for new standards to challenge ourselves to go beyond it.