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Sekiso's Sound Management System making waves across industries

Article - August 17, 2023

With the end users’ expectations in mind, Sekiso supplies high-quality products offering the best cost-performance through the overall optimization system, SSMS.

Sound control in vehicles is becoming increasingly more important, not only for conventional engine vehicles, which are currently mainstream, but even more so for electric vehicles (EVs). This is because sounds that are not heard in a conventional engine vehicle may be noticeable in an quieter EV.

At Sekiso, we are aware of the end users’ expectations from the early development stage, and theoretically analyze, clarify, and evaluate (including sensorial evaluation) all sources of sound and how they are transmitted.

To create a "comfortable car sound", we are aggressively working on new material development, parts development, system development, and “monozukuri” development. In addition to improving the function and performance of each part, we are proposing a system called SSMS (SEKISO SOUND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) that manages sound through the combination of sound control performance of various parts. SSMS is a solution that considers the overall optimization of the system by analyzing sound source information, transmission paths, ,  timbre, and much more. Sekiso is a supplier that works closely with customers from the early stages of development to provide high-quality, best cost-performance systems that will meet end-users’ expectations around the world.

For example, for the SSMS-Air inlet duct, we are developing a product that absorbs sound inside the air cleaner and rectifies the turbulent airflow on the wall surface. In addition, by combining the original non-woven fabric duct that eliminates resonance, it is possible to reduce the sound in the entire frequency range and create a smoother acceleration sound. By optimizing the airflow in the intake duct, the noise is reduced without reducing the engine performance. This system can also be applied to HVAC air blow noise that becomes more noticeable in EVs.

In addition, Sekiso is now trying to find a way to contribute to carbon neutrality with our products. Our original business was manufacturing paper parts for automobiles. We hope to contribute to carbon neutrality with paper parts made from environmentally-friendly, lightweight and highly recyclable non-woven fabric materials.