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SCREEN targets sustainable diversification through core technologies

Article - November 15, 2022

Building on the record-breaking fiscal performance of last year, SCREEN Holdings is steadfast in its commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions.

“After over 150 years of history, we would like to continue to diversify and create a complete portfolio, targeting life sciences as well as the energy field.”

Toshio Hiroe, President, SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.

SCREEN Holdings, headquartered in Kyoto, is a leading semiconductor and electronics company, manufacturing and selling semiconductor production equipment, display production equipment, graphic arts equipment and PCB-related equipment.

The SCREEN Group traces its history back over 150 years to Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works, a lithographic printing shop founded in Kyoto in 1868, with the company going on to produce Japan’s first photographic glass screens, which eventually led to the establishment of an independent venture company, Dainippon Screen. After many decades of growth, Dainippon Screen was finally renamed into SCREEN Holdings alongside a group restructure.

“Since our founding, we have continued to develop various related businesses in the printing industry while also significantly expanding the scope of our operations to include semiconductors,” explains Toshio Hiroe, President and CEO. “Even in the current era of rapid digital transformation (DX) based on the increasing use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, we have been able to maintain a strong presence as a leading global manufacturer of cutting-edge production equipment.”

Throughout its long history, SCREEN has sought to continuously refine technologies in three core areas: surface processing, direct imaging and image processing. “These technologies are our foundation, and we are now using them in our role as a solution creator to help solve many of the challenges being faced by modern society,” says Mr. Hiroe.

In addition, SCREEN is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Group is also a participant in Science Based Targets (SBT), a key international environmental initiative.

“These are just some of our undertakings as we increasingly focus on ESG criteria in an effort to become a more sustainable corporation,” says Mr. Hiroe. “Within the company, ideas and programs that contribute to the environment are solicited, and awards are given for achievements. Through our efforts, we are trying to raise the interest of everyone in our company to keep working toward solving environmental issues.”

SCREEN Holdings is also working to create a more environmentally friendly semiconductor industry in general, the CEO stresses.

“We have to admit the fact that semiconductor plants use a lot of chemical substances, gasses, clean water and heat and generate considerable emissions, which have a significant environmental impact. As a manufacturer of manufacturing equipment, we need to address this issue from both sides. We have to reduce the emissions in the equipment manufacturing process. After supplying our products to our clients, we likewise need to think about how to reduce the emissions in the client's manufacturing process or minimize the use of water or heat.

“One of the reasons for our success is our great and reliable relationship with our clients in the semiconductor industry, from whom we receive requests in equipment development,” adds Mr. Hiroe. “In addition, based on those orders we receive, we can produce efficiently, as well as being able to reduce unnecessary costs throughout the supply chain. In short, we have successfully achieved smart production.”

Going forward, to enhance profitability, SCREEN Holdings is strengthening in-house efforts and investment in R&D to create new solutions for its clients.

In terms of expanding its operations, the energy-related field is an area the company is targeting, alongside life science.

“We want to think about how to invest and what we can do for the next generation of society that will promote a decarbonized “hydrogen society”. As a firm that has existed for 150 years, we would like to keep showing the meaning of our existence through corporate activities. We want to move forward and bring about business opportunities for the next generation.”