Monday, Sep 25, 2023
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Noble Electronic Industry: Control panel specialists with international expansion in their sights

Article - June 9, 2023

Having widened its range of services to become a one-stop shop, the 56-year-old Japanese company is now eyeing global growth.

“I’m very interested in seeing how we can expand internationally, not only in Southeast Asia but also in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and even Australia.”

Koichi Dobashi, President, Noble Electronic Industry

Founded in 1967, Noble Electronic Industry is a specialist supplier of control panels for complex heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in large buildings. The firm’s technology is also used in factory automation.

Noble initially focused only on the manufacture of control panels, but has since expanded its scope of expertise to offer a fully integrated service: from software and hardware development, to installation and maintenance.

“When we branched out from manufacturing, we were just thinking about what was best for the clients,” Noble President Koichi Dobashi says.

“It’s so much easier for them if they have to provide just one order sheet. If we can take all those little details off the client's hands, that’s to their benefit.”

Mr. Dobashi adds: “It’s through this sort of integrated service that we’ve been able to sustain ourselves in recent decades, despite various economic crashes and cataclysmic world events. We haven’t felt a hit in our sales.”

Having established an overseas subsidiary in Vietnam in 2014, Noble is targeting global growth in the years to come. “I believe our company is in the stage of warming up to become more international,” Mr. Dobashi says.

“In order to really expand, we chose Vietnam as an initial jumping-off point – a place where we can begin to flex our muscles and become a global firm.”