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Nissei Electric looking to be the number one company in niche markets

Article - August 22, 2023

As a comprehensive manufacturer engaged in insulation, transmission and wave motion technology, Nissei Electric aims to address niche market requirements from clients operating in a wide range of industries.

The Hamamatsu region in which Nissei Electric operates has a mild climate where cotton cultivation flourished in the past, allowing many textile industries to grow there. Nissei Electric’s roots can be traced back to the manufacture of braided cotton laces and this braiding technology remains a fundamental technology still evolving today.

Car manufacturers Toyota and Suzuki were the predecessors of the loom manufacturers. And manufacturers in the region have since expanded into the fields of ‘insulation’ using silicone rubber for automobiles, industrial machinery and household appliances, ‘transmission’ using fluoropolymers for communications, mobile equipment and medical applications, and ‘wave motion’ using optical fibers for semiconductor equipment and sensing. Japanese manufacturers have also been responsible for the innovative development of printers, MFPs and other office automation equipment, especially in roll products used in the fusing process, offering uniquely developed solutions.

For its part, Nissei Electric offers unique products to a diverse range of industries, combining three high-performance materials with fine processing technology.

GigaEx is a generic term for high-speed signal transmission products, comprising conventional metal cables, optical fibers and antenna products for wireless communications. Another strength of the Japanese firm is its ability to handle hybrid products combining metal and optical transmission. Particularly in the fields of FA, robotics and semiconductors, Nissei Electric focuses on the development of next-generation high-speed interface products with functions such as bending, twist, and noise resistance, as well as flexibility and thin diameter – with solutions such as the AOC optical interface, which is optimized for high-speed transmission at speeds in excess of 10 Gbps.

Antenna products are assemblies of coaxial cables optimized for customers' antennas.

Nissei Electric provides integrated support from development to mass production of high-frequency antennas for WAN, Bluetooth, LPWA, LTE, 5G (Sub6), UWB, GNSS, etc.

High-performance antennas are designed using advanced simulation technology, and gain measurement of large workpieces such as automobiles can also be handled.

The company can provide cable-connected antennas with optimum performance, taking into account space saving, multi-band compatibility, isolation, etc.

In the area of ultra-fine diameters, custom cables using wires and coaxial cables with AWG36-48 conductors contribute to the ultra-compactness and lightness of equipment, and provide assemblies with excellent flexibility and bending resistance. The company's unique microfabrication process can also be used for direct connection to FPC boards, as well as in sterilization-compatible specifications using specially formulated silicone rubber for the jacket. A wide variety of assembly proposals are available, including parallel shapes, round shapes and hybrids of the two, as well as devices that maintain flexibility and binding methods that emphasize appearance, in order to deliver products that meet the required mechanisms and functions. Nissei Electric continues to develop applications for medical diagnostic equipment devices, medical treatment devices and remote cameras.

Tube fabricated products are customized products that combine Nissei Electric’s fundamental technologies. Liner tubes are formed using its own precision extrusion technology. This liner tube can be covered with a metal braid exterior and a jacket of different hardness, and can also be made in a variety of structures to suit different needs, such as tapered or flared tube ends, multi-layered hybrid products and stretched products. Using microfabrication technology, the company offers a variety of tubing products for use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, scientific instruments and medical devices.

As president Hidehiko Kirino says: “We at Nissei Electric will continue to provide new functions by refining our unique processing technology based on three high-performance materials to meet the needs of the market and customers.”