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Nigeria’s filtration and logistics

Article - December 17, 2012
Advanced International Merchants has carved out a special niche for itself in the local market
Nigerian-owned Advanced International Merchants Ltd (AIML) began in 1995 as a service provider in raw materials for the brewing industry. However, the company quickly realised it could capitalise on its expertise in the field of logistics, and expanded its operations to include the importation of enzymes, filter aid and filter sheets. Today, the company has cemented its status as the first and foremost experienced filtration specialist company in the country. 

Seventeen years into operation, AIML enjoys continuity and growth in its business relations and CEO Nwankwo Cyprian is proud of the progress the company has made in so little time.

“Our efficiency, consistency, and ability to deliver on schedules endeared us to our various customers,” he says. “As a result, we are still working with the same companies and clients today after many years. We have never lost a customer or partner. We work with the biggest names in the industry, and they know us very well.”

He adds, “Today we represent 13 companies worldwide, with a very cordial relationship existing between us: Carlson Filtration Limited from the UK, Kieselmann in Germany, Kerry Bioscience in Ireland, Geneva-based Foodin, World Minerals France, US-based Micronics, etc.”

Mr Cyprian says the company, which is 100 per cent Nigerian and operates at international standards, is open to new partnerships. “We can provide an enabling environment and opportunity for companies who want to come in, and offer them the expertise and know-how in the competencies we have here in Nigeria.”

Potential partners can rest assured that AIML places great importance on maintaining a high level performance among its employees. The company invests in periodic in-house and developmental external training sessions, and seminars within the industry, as well as in books, journals and other literature that aid learning. AIML also provides educational grants and loans for those who seek further opportunities for personal development.

As for plans for the future, AIML intends to spread its operations beyond Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon and into all of West Africa and part of Central Africa within the next five or six years. “We have already mapped out the plans. I am partnering with my associate in Geneva to open an office in Kenya very soon,” explains the CEO.

At home in Nigeria, the company recently acquired 100 acres of land where it will concentrate its business. Also, a CO2 plant is under construction for the breweries and other food industries. “The newly acquired land will be a one-stop shop for industrial products and services,” says Mr Cyprian.