Saturday, Jul 20, 2024
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Navigating New Horizons: Tayca’s Tech Innovation

Article - June 13, 2024

Amidst evolving global markets and demographic shifts, Tayca Corporation harnesses cutting-edge Japanese technology to stay at the forefront, leading in innovation and adapting to changing economic conditions.


In an era where economic and demographic changes reshape industries, Tayca Corporation and TFT Corporation stand out through innovative resilience and technological prowess. Shunji Idei and Masahiko Tauchi, presidents of these leading entities in the piezoelectric and chemical sectors, share insights on effectively navigating these transformations.

The landscape for Japanese manufacturers has been dramatically altered by global policies and economic factors, including the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act and the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges have compelled companies to diversify supply chains and continuously innovate. Mr. Idei highlights the dual impact of these shifts, saying: “The JPY has been weaker since the COVID-19 pandemic. During that period, supply chain disruptions were also a big issue. These two factors have significantly impacted Japanese businesses and the economy. However, companies producing high-functionality products using advanced Japanese technologies have expanded their global customer bases.”

Japanese firms are known for their commitment to quality and innovation, traits Mr. Idei and Mr. Tauchi see as crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. “Our main strength is our technology, and products for cosmetics and piezoelectric are most important for Tayca.” Mr. Idei emphasizes, noting the development of products that meet customer needs perfectly.

A critical area of advancement for Tayca is the development and production of sunscreen and piezoelectric materials, essential for supporting comfortable human living. Tayca’s innovative efforts underscore its leadership in global manufacturing excellence through both products. 

Regarding piezoelectricity, despite vulnerability to environmental factors, Tayca has innovated to enhance the durability and performance of these materials. “We have applied our own ideas and know-how to the handling conditions of our products and have succeeded in overcoming the challenges of corrosion and fragility,” explains Mr. Tauchi. 

Facing a demographic shift with a declining and aging population, Tayca has implemented strategic human resource measures. “We are extending employment terms and focusing on developing our human resources to support knowledge transfer and innovation,” shares Mr. Idei. As Tayca approaches its 110th anniversary, its commitment to leveraging technological strengths ensures its leadership in the Japanese and global markets, focusing on advancing piezoelectric and chemical technologies to meet dynamic industry needs. 

The global market for piezoelectric devices is expected to grow significantly, driven by advancements in medical technology and the increasing demand for precision equipment. Tayca’s innovation in piezoelectric ceramics positions it well to capitalize on these trends. In addition, Tayca is focusing on newly developing conductive polymers for the electricity-related market that can withstand higher levels of electric stress and environmental conditions. This conductive polymer is also expected to expand its application range into new sectors such as renewable energy and automotive systems, where both materials can be used for energy harvesting and sensors.

The integration of digital technologies into manufacturing, known as Industry 4.0, presents another opportunity for Tayca. The company is exploring the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize production processes and predict maintenance needs. This technological integration extends to their supply chain management, where real-time data collection and analysis can lead to more efficient operations and reduced downtime. 

Moreover, Tayca is committed to sustainability, a crucial aspect as global industries face increased environmental regulations. The company’s research into environmentally friendly materials and processes is not only a response to regulatory demands but also aligns with a broader market shift towards sustainable practices. For instance, Tayca’s development of lead-free piezoelectric materials is particularly noteworthy, as it addresses the environmental concerns associated with lead-based products. 

Community engagement and corporate social responsibility initiatives are also integral to Tayca’s strategic approach. By supporting local communities and investing in education, the company aims to not only enhance its corporate image but also foster a supportive environment for technology and innovation. 

As the market continues to evolve, Tayca’s proactive strategies in technology development, sustainability, and community engagement are set to keep the company at the forefront of the industry. Looking forward, the Japanese firm is positioning itself as not just a leader in technology but as a model for corporate responsibility and innovation. 

As Tayca Corporation approaches its 110th anniversary, its commitment to leveraging technological strengths and embracing strategic innovations continues to position it as a leader in both the Japanese and global markets. With a focus on advancing piezoelectric and chemical technologies to meet the dynamic needs of its industries, Tayca is setting new standards in the manufacturing sector, ensuring its place at the cutting edge of technological advancement.