Monday, Sep 25, 2023
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Nagatsu: indispensable parts of unrivaled quality

Article - August 9, 2023

Since its founding in 1950, NAGATSU has pursued thorough quality control and advanced technology as a parts manufacturer focused on collaboration.

“We do not simply supply products. We consider our company to be a place of creation and challenge.”

Yasuaki Tsuda, President, Nagatsu Group

As the world becomes ever more interconnected, collaboration will drive innovation. Japanese firm Nagatsu Industry Co. is pushing the manufacturing of construction machinery forward through its collaborations and a focus on automation.

Founded in 1960, Nagatsu has grown into a multinational company that provides parts for construction and mining equipment, such as undercarriages, transmissions, hydraulic parts, and sensors for vehicles.

The company’s success has been propelled by its two main pillars: increasing efficiency through automation and overseas production. The first of these pillars has been aided by its collaboration with construction giant Komatsu. Nagatsu has worked with Komatsu closely in all aspects of its work, from designing components to manufacturing and technology development. For example, the two companies worked together to create the quality and cost guidelines for Nagatsu’s successful sensor business.

Collaboration has also aided the automation of procedures in Nagatsu’s smart factories, from time scheduling to labor-saving machinery such as automatic changers and measuring devices.

Company president Yasuaki Tsuda reveals Nagatsu is also planning on implementing two new production systems: “We plan to have the Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) and four cells called Flexible Manufacturing Cells (FMC), which will optimize our production using multi-purpose machinery.”

The company’s growth has enabled it to expand into Thailand and Vietnam, where it has factories. Mr. Tsuda says Nagatsu understands the importance of collaboration in these markets as well, adding: “We are looking to expand these facilities further and we hope to strengthen our relationships with suppliers there.”

Nagatsu is always on the lookout for like minded companies and human resources  to collaborate with as its digital transformation and international expansion continue, understanding that interconnectivity is the future of industry.