Tuesday, Jul 16, 2024
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Mapping Autonomous Futures

Article - March 1, 2024

Revolutionizing navigation, Dynamic Map Platform leads in high-precision mapping for autonomous driving and beyond.


Dynamic Map Platform, under the visionary leadership of CEO and President Shuichi Yoshimura, is redefining the landscape of high-precision location-based infrastructure. Established in 2016, this innovative company has rapidly expanded its global footprint, with offices in Japan, the U.S., Europe, South Korea, and the Middle East, and a diverse team of 209 employees.

At its core, Dynamic Map Platform is not just about autonomous driving (AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS); it's about leveraging high-definition (HD) 3D data to drive innovation across various sectors. "Our vision," Yoshimura states, "is building high-precision location-based infrastructure globally as a foundation for a digital society and opening up a new future for autonomous driving and other industries."

The company's unique approach to data creation involves a four-step process, starting with satellite location identification and culminating in the integration of data into its desired form. This meticulous process sets the company apart, offering unparalleled accuracy and detail in 3D map data. Unlike traditional car navigation data, Dynamic Map Platform focuses on collecting road and physical information, expressed in 3D for precise vehicle control.

Image of Dynamic Map Platform Business Domain

Mr. Yoshimura highlights the critical role of the company’s technology in safety and comfort enhancement. In adverse weather conditions, vehicles equipped with standard ADAS might struggle to identify objects, a gap that Dynamic Map Platform's HD maps fill by providing tailored data sets for enhanced safety. Similarly, their technology allows for smoother navigation of challenging road conditions, improving overall driving comfort.

The company's global data coverage is impressive, spanning 35,000 km in Japan covering all expressways and motorways, 550,000 miles in the U.S. covering all interstates, highways, motorways, and primary roads, and 120,000 miles covering the majority of highways in Europe. "We are the number one company in the sector in terms of data volume," Mr. Yoshimura proudly states. The high precision of the company’s data and extensive coverage have attracted partnerships with major automotive manufacturers like Nissan, Honda, Toyota and GM.

Beyond the automotive industry, Dynamic Map Platform's technology finds applications in robotics, mobility, industrial equipment controls, and even in the entertainment and advertising industries. One notable project is its involvement in snow removal in Nagano prefecture, showcasing the versatility of its 3D mapping in infrastructure management and disaster prevention.

A significant aspect of the company’s work involves “leading in green innovation, reducing CO2 emissions through optimized routes”. By optimizing transportation routes and identifying ideal locations for EV chargers, its data contributes to more efficient and environmentally friendly logistics.

Addressing the challenges of an aging population, particularly in Japan, Mr. Yoshimura discusses how Dynamic Map Platform’s technology can enhance road safety saying "safety and comfort in driving are enhanced through our tailored data." He explains how their 3D mapping data can prevent accidents by guiding vehicles away from pedestrian-only streets or incorrect lanes, especially on expressways. This technology is crucial in situations where elderly drivers might have impaired perception and recognition.

Mapping process

Keeping its data up-to-date is a priority for Dynamic Map Platform. The Japanese firm employs a combination of information from road management companies, municipalities, local governments, and will soon utilize probe data from sensors in cars. This multi-source approach ensures that its  maps reflect the most current road conditions.

As the company expands globally, Mr. Yoshimura emphasizes compliance with international laws and regulations, ensuring that its operations do not jeopardize the safety of citizens in foreign countries. The company works closely with global law firms and adapts its data storage and management practices to align with local requirements.

Looking to the future, Mr. Yoshimura envisions Dynamic Map Platform playing a pivotal role in national revitalization, particularly in rural areas. By enhancing mobility with autonomous driving technology, the company aims to make these regions more accessible and vibrant.