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KEL connecting the world with connectors

Article - November 20, 2023

By developing attractive new products for automotive, image and communication equipment, we aim to further expand our presence internationally with products full of originality.

“To improve brand recognition overseas, we introduce our products through exhibition and media/web ads and aim to acquire new customers.”

Akira Kasuga, President, KEL Corporation


KEL is a Japanese connector manufacturer specializing in industrial equipment, whose focus is on niche markets and products. We boast considerable know-how and expertise in miniaturization and high-pin-count products, high-speed transmission, and noise shielding, developing unique and original products based on these technologies.

Our most recent developments include the PCI Express 5.0 compatible floating connectors (JB series) and 224Gbps PAM4-compatible high-speed transmission board-to-cable connectors (HSP series). These are the industry’s most advanced next-generation connectors, and in the future, KEL aims to oversee their adoption in automotive, image and communication equipment.

With a history of 62 years as a connector manufacturer, KEL has developed an excellent reputation for quality and technology. Our products are highly trusted and rated by many customers in Japan. Among our lineup, the product groups of floating connectors and high-speed transmission connectors offer an especially wide selection.

Our floating connector is the first 0.5 mm pitch product approved as an automotive connector. This product is our recommended connector that can be used in various markets and devices other than automotive. Meanwhile our high-performance connectors use revolutionary technologies to harness micro coaxial cables all at once without soldering, and have applications in areas such as imaging and medical equipment.

As part of our medium-term management plan, one of KEL’s growth strategies is to strengthen overseas business in China, North America and Europe, where the ratio of exports to total sales has quadrupled compared to 10 years ago. In the future, we intend to further increase brand recognition overseas and contribute to global society.

Our sustainable vision is to “contribute to an abundant, sustainable society with connector technology”. We have also established a specialized unit within the company and are actively engaged in activities related to sustainability.

KEL’s management vision is to “become a company that can contribute to the world as a connector manufacturer”. We will continue to develop attractive products so that we can connect the world with connectors.