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Kurashiki Boring Koki: Precision thermal spraying for any situation

Article - November 21, 2023

Kurashiki Boring specializes in surface modification and thermal spraying that creates lightweight components and restores worn parts to their former glory.

“Our coatings and services can extend the life of manufacturers’ equipment, which I believe creates better value than a piece of new equipment.”

Sayaka Sako, President, Kurashiki Boring Kiko Co., Ltd.

In the world of manufacturing, every company seeks marginal gains to get one step ahead of the competition. Japanese thermal spraying company Kurashiki Boring help its customers achieve by creating lightweight components with high-quality functionality.

Established in 1957, Kurashiki Boring specializes in surface modification and thermal spraying, a process that applies wear-resistance, anti-corrosion properties or thermal insulation to components. The company’s services and products can be used in extreme environments; from 1,000-degree-Celsius temperatures, to high pressure environments, and even in sea water. This is made possible by Kurashiki Boring’s network of industry experts who are consulted when new coatings are developed.

Company president Sayaka Sako says one of her company’s strengths is being able to respond to the specific demands of any customer – be they end-users, OEMs, or assembly manufacturers. Kurashiki Boring’s coatings can be used for CFRP and aluminum, while in the semiconductor market its products extend the life of manufacturers’ equipment through its coatings for worn or damaged parts. This restoration service can be applied across a wide range of industries to ensure accurate roundness and cylindricity in worn items.

Mrs. Sako reveals Kurashiki Boring is seeking to expand into the aerospace field, especially in parts such as combustion chambers, compressors and turbines. The company’s spraying services have enabled it to grow internationally, working with representatives from countries such as Australia, Indonesia, and South Korea, and Mrs. Sako says further expansion into the Asian market is on the horizon. As the world seeks evermore lightweight solutions, and sustainable practices like the restoration of worn parts, specialized companies such as Kurashiki Boring will continue to play a key role in driving manufacturers into the future.