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TCC: Miami to Colombia nonstop

Article - April 24, 2012
FTA to move logistics sector up a gear
It has been a lively year for Colombia’s logistics sector, with international courier giants such as UPS teaming up with national companies, attracted by the country’s prosperous economy.

Growing alongside the country’s economy is national courier and logistics services enterprise TCC. Set up 44 years ago in a garage in Bogotá, TCC has developed through innovation, commitment, and a family spirit to become one of Colombia’s leaders in services.

The company is headed by its president Josefina Agudelo Trujillo, daughter of founders Jorge Agudelo Restrepo and Rosalba Trujillo Trujillo, who views the foreign-domestic equation as a positive interchange of know-how to further optimize the quality of services.

Though international companies continue to dominate the international market to and from Colombia, “Our domestic market is very well supplied by world-class Colombian brands. When international operators arrive and meet us, they are surprised by the quality they encounter,” says Ms. Agudelo.

Colombia’s improved infrastructure and technological advancements have helped set the country’s national standard of servicing on a global competitive level. Vital to the country’s economy, the logistics sector plays an important role in the import-export market chain, permitting a smooth forward and reverse flow of goods within and beyond national boundaries.

With offices in Colombia and Miami, TCC is sure to benefit from the recently approved free trade agreement (FTA) as it continues its expansion plans. “In addition to Miami, we are looking into other capitals of South America, particularly Peru and Ecuador. We have now been in Miami for seven years, convinced that the United States is the largest market with the greatest opportunities,” explains Ms. Agudelo.

The ratification of the FTA will undoubtedly strengthen relationships between Colombia and the U.S., as well as open doors and increase export markets. TCC, for its part, is prepared to take on the load and become a major link between Miami and Colombia.