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Japan’s conveyor belt and industrial transport robotics specialists

Article - September 26, 2022

With the aid of the country’s first and only fully automated roller production line, JRC provides tailored conveyor solutions to a wide swath of industries both in Japan and abroad.


“We use our expertise and experience to solve customers’ problems and expand our business domain as a total ‘solution provider’ for industrial transport operations.”
Minoru Hamaguchi, President, JRC Co., Ltd.

At JRC, we have manufactured conveyor belt components such as rollers, pulleys and stands for over 60 years. Our fully automated roller production line – the only one in Japan – helps us to deliver a consistent supply of top-quality products.

Our conveyor parts can be found in thermal power plants, steel mills, mines, cement plants, recycling facilities, sewage treatment plants and other sites that support socially critical infrastructure. They are also widely used in civil engineering projects such as tunneling, reclamation and dam construction.

In recent years, we have not only provided products, but have also offered solutions to problems that occur at sites where conveyors are used. This ties in with our company slogan: 'Discovery to Development'. We create based on the discovery of issues customers have, and look to provide answers that ensure products function well.

In addition to proposing improvements, we believe providing maintenance services for conveyor equipment will be central to our business model moving forward. We want to step up our development of remote monitoring systems that are tailored to our customers’ varying installation environments and conveying conditions.

While conveyor belts are our main business, we are also developing a 'smart factory' that uses robotics. With a compact design, it seeks to solve the manpower shortage arising in Japan due to population decline. We want to introduce this technology overseas, as well; specifically, we aim to expand into developed countries with significant mining industries