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An opportunity not to be missed

Article - September 28, 2011
Angola’s economy has been expanding rapidly since 2002, and FDI has grown at a rate of 23%.
The country’s oil wealth is being used to help reconstruct vital infrastructure, building facilities that help improve the lives of all Angolans and spurring a construction frenzy that is reshaping the capital. 

Angola is also the destination of more FDI than any other country in Africa, and for good reason. Its petroleum reserves, mineral wealth, including diamonds, gold, copper and other metals, and untapped agricultural potential are all opportunities for investors with the right know-how.

Smart investors know that, when they first enter a new economy, local partnerships can help smooth the way to profitable endeavors. Many Angolan companies have the know-how to work with foreigners and help put together a successful project.

The National Agency for Private Investment, or ANIP, was set up to support the growth of a diversified, stable economy by promoting private investment in Angola. ANIP works in targeted industries and development zones and can help investors with promotion, project reviews and offer streamlined solutions.

Given its resources, geographic location and strong commitment to the rule of law and transparency, Angola is poised for a long stretch of economic growth. With smart investments in airports and seaports, the export of its resources can be eased and the country can become a regional transport hub.

The U.S. is a natural partner for Angola. It has long been a major buyer of Angolan oil, and Angola is the third-biggest trade partner for the U.S. in sub-Saharan Africa. U.S. investors interested in finding new and profitable markets need look no farther than Angola for their next business venture.