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Insights from a visionary in manufacturing: unveiling trends and challenges

Article - November 24, 2023

Exploring the multifaceted nature of Japan’s manufacturing, Miyatsu possesses expertise from intricate semiconductor technologies to engineering advanced machinery.

“Embracing this mindset allows us to discover niches, leading to opportunities for corporate growth.”

Chiharu Miyata, Chairman & CEO, Miyatsu Co., Ltd.

Japanese firm Miyatsu understands the relationship between hardware and software is key in system development. Primarily an equipment manufacturer in the semiconductor and infrastructure fields, Miyatsu recognizes that solely focusing on manufacturing can mean losing focus on understanding and fulfilling its customers’ businesses and needs. Therefore, the company, founded in 1969, is actively engaged in the ICT business to react to the specific necessities of its customers. As company president Chiharu Miyata explains: “By supporting our clients with this approach, they trust us to provide the necessary equipment for their manufacturing processes.”

One of Miyatsu’s key products is its MG200 (Single wafer process type: Strip and Light Etching) device. This product provides a key part in semiconductor manufacturing: removing impurities or organic matter from the wafer. Noted for its safety and user-friendly nature, the product is the latest in the MG Series which has formed the cornerstone of Miyatsu’s business for over 20 years. Looking forward, the company understands that Japanese advancements in stacking technology are set to become highly valuable as semiconductors increase in their layers.

Mr. Miyata, who himself spent time living in the United States, is always open to collaborating with like-minded international partners, and highlights Asia, Europe and the U.S. as particularly important regions. Miyatsu has experience in the international market, developing software and providing client services from its base in Vietnam, and is looking to increase its international network as its business continues to grow.