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Innovative approaches to manufacturing and aerospace

Article - December 14, 2023

From helmets to aerospace, Kaga Sangyo has been recognized at the local, national and international level for its relentless pursuit of excellence to provide for its customers.

“Our patented technology solutions support our customers to reduce manpower and material waste, helping to significantly improve their manufacturing, securing uniformity in quality.”

Osamu Mizoguchi, President, Kaga Sangyo Ltd.

Founded half a century ago, Kaga Sangyo has had to take an innovative approach to achieve success.

“Japanese firms struggle to penetrate other markets because of cost-reduction from other local companies,” President Osamu Mizoguchi says, highlighting their unique strategy.

“We devised a quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) formula, and continuously implement kaizen actions,” Mr. Mizoguchi explains. “By combining our manufacturing and engineering skills with the suppliers on our platform, we created a winning solution for customers.”

Take the award-winning helmet called “Osamet” with its compact and collapsible design for efficient storage. Used for emergency situations and disasters, it complies with Japanese National Standards. The company also acquired SBT certification and is planning and promoting strategic initiatives to realize a carbon-neutral society.

Then there’s the opportunity of the aerospace industry, and a readiness to adapt to new energy sources like hydrogen or electricity.

“When this change happens, there will be a need for a revised supply chain,” Mr. Mizoguchi explains, “with new suppliers needing better matched solutions.”

To achieve this, proactivity, continual improvement and exceeding customer expectations is key, while the company’s supplier chain network is its unique manufacturing strategy reaching across different parts/products and various industries.

With this outlook, growth abroad is a natural next step and the president makes future plans clear.

“Global expansion is crucial and we want our company to be an indispensable part of the global supply chain,” he says. “Kaga Sangyo’s coverage provides solutions for domestic and overseas customers alike.”