Sunday, Jun 23, 2024
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HOJUN Supplies Organic Bentonite for Global Markets

Article - June 3, 2024

HOJUN leverages Japanese precision and innovation to meet growing global demands in cosmetics and technology.

Amidst a shifting global economic landscape, HOJUN, a former mining company that is now a leading manufacturer in the specialized field of bentonite products, is strategically positioned to capitalize on the evolving needs of various industries worldwide.

"Japan's reputation for reliability and advanced technology, coupled with the yen's depreciation, offers us a unique advantage," explains Motozo Nakamura, President of HOJUN. Originally mining industrial bentonite, HOJUN has diversified into producing purified and organic bentonite, which are now gaining traction in high-value sectors such as cosmetics and semiconductors.

Mr. Nakamura highlights that geopolitical tensions and supply chain diversification are prompting companies to reconsider their sourcing strategies, benefitting Japanese suppliers like HOJUN. "Many Japanese users have become wary of Chinese suppliers, and with the yen's current value, we are an attractive option for fulfilling domestic orders," he adds.

Focusing on the future, HOJUN is intensifying efforts in research and development, particularly in the organic purified bentonite segment. "We are now looking towards Southeast Asia and have started seeing an increased interest from the cosmetics industry. Our unique R&D process allows us to offer specialized products, like our cosmetic-grade bentonite, which can sell for double the price," Nakamura states.

In response to global standards and increasing international demand, especially from the cosmetics sector, HOJUN remains dedicated to maintaining high-quality production. "We manage every critical process to ensure our products meet international cosmetic raw material standards," Mr. Nakamura concludes.