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High-speed stamping press machines for the future and happiness

Article - April 8, 2023

Yamada Dobby is a global leader in the production of high-precision press machines for key industrial sectors.

Yamada Dobby’s machinery contributes to the global environment and society, offering reduced power consumption and a zero defect production system. Mr. Yamada’s policy is “Stamping Happiness” – bringing happiness to the world through Yamada Dobby’s stamping press technology.

Founded in 1919, Yamada Dobby started out producing textile machines, and since 1961, has specialized in the manufacture of press machines for the production of precision parts.

The company offers a variety of machines for a wide range of industries, from EVs to luxury watches, and is deeply involved in the electronics, automotive and medical sectors.

Yamada Dobby boasts world-class technologies, utilizing servo motors that offer an accuracy of 1 micron, and the world’s fastest stamping press with a speed of 4000 SPM. The aim of all this is to build the machine as “a moving die”. The manufacturing method involves the use of top quality machinery, while the last stage of the process is always reserved for the craftsmanship elements.

In the EV industry, Yamada Dobby’s precision machinery is utilized in the manufacturing of motor cores and explosion-proof valves for lithium-ion batteries. In the medical sector, it provides a complete stamping process for the production of painless micro-needles.

The machine is designed rigid and by its micron controlled movement, it can achieve a longer die life which leads to significantly less production downtime. “The important point is to decide which direction to go, creating lighter weight, or improving the software and human friendly applications.”

Yamada Dobby has offices worldwide to deliver local after-sales services and is especially focused on its expansion in Europe, India, and Southeast Asia. The company offers dedicated stamping turn-key lines to all customers according to their specific stamping processes.