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Hamid Fabrics top the RMG sector

Article - November 13, 2012
Mahin Group is one of the vertically integrated leaders in the export of clothing and textiles from Bangladesh
The company started in 1985 with a ready-made garment manufacturing unit named Mahin Apparels, along with a well-equipped washing unit. In 1996 the group resolved to plow back the earnings from manufacturing into backward linkage industries. Since then, investments continue in dyeing, finishing and weaving facilities. Following this diversified business concept, the group is now also engaged in insurance, IT and the hotel business.

Hamid Fabrics Ltd., the textile facilities of the group, runs the most sophisticated fully-automated technology, setting a nationwide benchmark for solid dyed woven textiles with a capacity of 30 million yards per annum. All facilities are run by an experienced management team comprising both local and foreign expertise. “Only a handful of mills in Bangladesh operate at this level, thus making us one of the major players nationwide,” says Abdullah Al Mahmud, an enthusiastic and dynamic young entrepreneur and the group’s Managing Director.

According to Mr. Mahmud, new yarn dyeing facilities supported by a new weaving unit are being planned in response to demand. Hamid Fabrics also plans to set up a spinning mill so as to achieve fully integrated status.

“The total investment here will be about $40-50 million,” says the Managing Director. “Textiles are our core business. We aim to expand over the next few years and be at the top of our game, being conservative yet aggressive at the same time, always looking for new ideas and new people.”