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EMIC: The solutions partner for vibration and environmental testing

Article - November 22, 2022

With test equipment and test solution-services, EMIC is the partner trusted for improving the quality, reliability and safety of industrial products.


Safety is paramount in many industries, and this safety is usually ensured through high quality testing. Japanese firm EMIC is one of the companies pushing the world of vibration and environmental testing forward, with its customers ranging from those in the automotive industry to space exploration.

Founded in 1971, EMIC has built its reputation as a manufacturing and solution-finding leader testing in niche fields through a clear focus on quality. The company sources the most reliable parts available for its products and works to the strictest criteria in its testing to ensure its standards remain high.

The automobile industry provides a key pillar of EMIC’s business. The Nippon firm works with automotive giants Toyota, Nissan and Honda as they develop the electrification of their vehicles. EMIC understands that working on electric vehicles means responding to the increased awareness of environmental issues around the world. As such, the company has also developed its groundbreaking Eco-Vibe system which can reduce energy consumption by up to 36%. As company President Seiji Ohno explains: “Tests require a huge amount of electricity, and Eco-Vibe is able to optimize energy consumption depending on the testing conditions.”

EMIC’s dedication to quality has allowed it to expand its operation to Thailand, China, and the U.S., where it opened a subsidiary in 2017 that carries out installations and maintenance work on its products. The company also has a joint venture in China and is always on the lookout for similar-minded companies with knowledge of local markets, with whom it can as it continues its global expansion.