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Driving innovation in fabric and fibers

Article - December 8, 2022

In the competitive landscape of the global market, fabric manufacturer Komatsu Matere continues to excel through R&D and unique technologies to develop its 'ultra components'.


Innovation doesn’t just happen; it requires research, expertise, and a true commitment from businesses to create fresh ideas and products. Japanese fabric manufacturer Komatsu Matere is a leading example of how placing innovation at the core of a company leads to the development of unique products.

Founded in 1943, Komatsu Matere’s strength lies in the one-of-a-kind technologies and techniques it possesses in the fields of fabrics and chemical fabric manufacturing. The company’s former chairman and CEO Kenichi Nakayama, who is now an honorary senior advisor, says “R&D is the core and foundation of this company".

This dedication to forward thinking has enabled the company to develop its ultra components, which provide non-replicable added value and are used by leading fashion brands and world-class athletes (including those at the Olympic Games) alike.

Mr. Nakayama says the global market is “a battlefield” where the company’s years of developing technologies are used to gain a competitive advantage. With its eye on global expansion, Komatsu Matere has successfully expanded into the fields of construction and architecture and, in line with its sustainability ambitions, has developed its Greenbiz ceramic construction material made entirely from recycled industrial waste.

The product has been used in construction projects from Italy to the U.S.A., while the company’s CABKOMA technology, a thermoplastic carbon fiber composite, has been utilized in several renovation projects, from centuries-old temples to modern train stations.

This technology also forms part of the anti-seismic installation of one of the biggest multinational coffeehouse chains, and Komatsu Matere is always on the lookout for more international clients who can take advantage of its industry-leading solutions.

Komatsu Matere has also expanded into personal protective equipment (PPE), with its dedicated R&D team having responded to the urgency of the Covid-19 pandemic to create “the world’s most comfortable” face mask designed to keep the skin at an ideal temperature and humidity level. This kind of innovation follows the company’s underlying philosophy set out by Mr. Nakayama: “Every action we take must be fresh.”