Monday, Dec 4, 2023
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Bridging the gap and connecting global technology to the Japanese market

Article - November 1, 2023

As an empowered SME, Japan Machinery’s mission is to enable access to global manufacturing excellence.


Tomohiro Koizumi, President, Japan Machinery Co., Ltd.

Japan Machinery acts as a bridge between overseas manufacturers and Japanese manufacturing companies, something its president, Tomohiro Koizumi, describes as its raison d’être”.

With a history of 64 years as a value-added distributor and manufacturers representative in the Japanese market, the company prides itself in bringing overseas technological excellence to the domestic market and vice versa, and it has evolved greatly having recognized the necessity to add comprehensive services. This has enabled Japan Machinery to develop successful business relations with Japans largest manufacturers, as well as smaller, upcoming venture businesses.

Simply introducing products here is not enough,” Mr. Koizumi says. We had to learn that we need to apply other functions by adding services for our clients, including technical support, maintenance, inspection, repair, replacement, and supply of consumables and spare parts. This entire range of services is the key to success for Japans trading companies today.”

Identifying potential partners and staying updated on global advancements is key to the companys strategy and one of its biggest strengths lies in its network.

Although international collaboration is important, the company acts primarily as an importer rather than exporter, the top priority being to bring overseas technology into Japan.

Thanks to our location very close to Haneda Airport, we are convenient for European and American companies and are looking at expanding our footprint into developing Asian markets,” adds Mr. Koizumi.

In addition to its main sales office, Japan Machinery has a separate technical center, which serves as a warehouse and logistics hub, where demonstrations for potential clients and existing buyers can take place.

Visually, it works very well to demonstrate the types of products and services we can offer,” adds Mr. Koizumi, who is enthusiastic about the companys role and is committed to continuing its valuable contributions to Japans industrial supply chain.