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Focused social responsibility to generate 'Shared Value Creation'

Article - October 15, 2013
Commensurate with its sizeable impact on the Saudi economy, STC's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives have targeted some of the most pertinent needs of Saudi society
These initiatives have contributed to community development through numerous domestic and international charity events, health awareness and sports activities, patronage of conferences, symposia and fairs, and training and research programmes. 
In recent years, STC’s contribution to the community has been deployed through its five-pronged Wafaa Programme which focuses on supporting education and research; facilitating the social involvement of women, small and medium enterprises and youth; serving the pilgrims to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina; promoting healthcare and healthy lifestyles; and supporting excellence in sports. 
Looking ahead, STC Chairman Abdulaziz AlSugair is seeking a more focused approach for the company’s social activities.

“We believe that we can contribute more by focusing on the areas that fall under our expertise. We want to focus increasingly on the concept of Shared Value Creation, whereby our CSR contributions will be channelled towards developing the spirit of entrepreneurship in the society,” he says.