Monday, Dec 4, 2023
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A safety-first firm leveraging cutting-edge technology for a greener future

Article - December 19, 2022

Handling gases and chemicals can be a dangerous business, but clients know they can trust Toyoko Kagaku – a firm creating safe, environmentally-conscious systems that cover companies’ needs.


“Safety and technical improvements are how we are challenging our staff with every new day that welcomes us.”

Takahiro Kato, President, Toyoko Kagaku Co., Ltd.

“Since we handle gas, which is rather dangerous, we prioritize safety,” says Takahiro Kato, the president of Toyoko Kagaku – an industrial gas and chemical provider that boasts 70 years of experience. The firm’s approach has helped it to become a go-to supplier for companies in a range of sectors.

As part of its Total Gas and Chemical Management service, Toyoko Kagaku accompanies its clients every step of the way: from gas and chemical delivery, to the installation, management and monitoring of supply systems, to exhaust recovery and recycling.

The company also works closely with customers in the development of new technology. “We communicate with them to seek what they want in the future,” Mr. Kato says. As Japan targets carbon neutrality by 2050, environmental protection is a key priority. “We’re promoting recycling with products like our Helium Recovery System, and we have leak sensors – such as our Liquid Recognition Sensor – that reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants,” Mr. Kato explains.

The firm’s green commitment has also seen it branch out into the construction of solar panels and hydrogen stations.

A further focus for Toyoko Kagaku is the semiconductor sector – a growth industry in which the company aims to strengthen its position as a supplier of gases and chemicals to clients in Japan and abroad. “Our chief overseas target is China,” Mr. Kato says. “But if there’s an opportunity, we’re also open to other countries that produce semiconductors.”