Monday, Dec 4, 2023
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Leader Database

Yukio Mori


Company Name

Morico Co., Ltd.


President of Morico Co., Ltd. a coding machine and packaging related machinery manufacturer in Japan.



Bachelor of industrial technology major in mechanical engineering, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan



1976      Joined printed circuit board manufacturer

1977     Joined Morico Co., Ltd., and worked as a mechanical engineer in the manufacturing department. 

1981    Joined Sales Department

1985      Sales Manager

1990      Managing Director

2004      President


Areas of Expertise

Mechanical engineering, sales, and corporate management


What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

Leadership. I value the communication with our employees and try to bring out the ability that our employees have. I want Morico to be the company that all employees love and I take good care of my employees like they are my family.  It is a characteristic of Morico that many of our employees have been working for many years.



Grandfather who founded this company. He was truly a man of Monozukuri. The technologies and products that my grandfather developed in the past support the current Morico. Based on the separation technology that he invented, we have developed various products according to the needs of the social situation of each era. I myself aim to create a machine that can be used by anyone which also contributes to the world by fusing the core technology of the past with the current technology.



If you think of 1,000, 100 is easy.