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Leader Database

Yorifusa Wakabayashi


President and Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer

Company Name



Birth Date:



Graduated from Keio University ( in the faulty of commerce)



Apr. 1984  Joined Company

Jan. 2012  Executive Officer, General Manager of Newsprint Sales Division

Apr. 2016  Executive Officer, General Manager of Paper Sales Division

Jun. 2017  Director, General Manager of Home & Personal Domestic Business Group

Jul. 2018  Director and Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Home & Personal Domestic Business Group

Apr. 2021  President and Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Management

Corporate Planning/ M&A

Sales/ Marketing

Finance/ Accounting

What have been the main lessons you have learned in your career and how do you implement them in your management?

Daio Paper has long been operating in the “BtoB” business, which is newsprint and paperboard, as the core. By entering the household paper business field (tissue paper and toilet paper) 43 years ago, we were stepping into the “BtoC” world. Although there were times when we were bewildered by a style that was the exact opposite of the business practices we had cultivated over the years, through repeated trial and error, we were able to change the mindset of our employees from “product-out,” which is the traditional paper industry norm, to “a market-in philosophy” that places the consumers and users as the main focus. Furthermore, by mixing and developing the advantages of BtoB and BtoC and incorporating “our unique strengths (business model)” into management, we believe that we are now able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


I have received innumerable guidance from my seniors and supervisors. In the process, I have learned many good points from each of them as well as ones that need to be corrected. On the other hand, I am steering the company to change its corporate culture by improving the areas where we do not share the same values, as a reflection, and bringing them into the current management style. In order to become a global company, there are many hurdles to overcome. In particular, I recognize that diversity management, which is a minimum requirement of a global company, and a corporate culture that guarantees psychological safety and creates new value in a free and vigorous atmosphere are indispensable.

Goals as president

Our company was founded in Ehime Prefecture in 1943. Since then, we have grown as a comprehensive paper manufacturer offering a variety of paper and “eliair” products while responding flexibly to changes in society. Inheriting the founding spirit of "Passion with Sincerity," we will continue to respect the diversity of each and every one of employees and operate as a unified group that transcends organizational boundaries.

We will continue to develop our business globally with the aim of realizing a society in which people around the world can lead enriched and comfortable lives, in line with our management philosophy of "Shaping an Abundant and Affable Future for the World".


Do what you ought to do.