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Dies and precision stamped parts for the next generation of automobiles

Interview - August 24, 2022

A long-time leader in precision stamped parts and dies for ICE (internal combustion engine) components, Nissin Kogyo has emerged as a forerunner in one-of-a-kind battery parts for hybrid and electric vehicles.


What is the strength of Nissin Kogyo?

Our strength is technology, which was developed through our experience in manufacturing electron beam guns for TVs. The electron beam guns require not only high precision stamping technology but cleanliness, burr control, surface treatment and assembly technologies. That know-how was pretty niche, which enabled us to develop new business in the auto-industry after the cathode ray tube TV business was declining. In the NEV – New Energy Vehicle – markets, it is essential to have high-quality components considering the increased demands for durability and safety. It was not easy to find the next opportunity for us after the TV business. Therefore, we are now very eager to contribute to the NEV industry with our niche core technologies.

The fundamental shift has not just been the types of components required, but the quantity. You’ve mentioned this is where you found your niche. Can you explain to us how your processes and technologies are suitable to fill this niche, and how you’re able to meet this demand?

Suitable quantity for our stamping is significantly important. When hybrid vehicles first came about, our customers had developed new applications with new components. At first, they needed only a small quantity. Therefore the "Cutting and Grinding" method was functionable in this case. However, stamping is more reasonable when the increased demand fulfills our machine capacity. This economy of scale is where our customers find stamping beneficial.


Is the medical market something you’ve considered? You have stressed a need to diversify in the future if the automotive component market becomes saturated. What kind of ideas do you have for the future?

The medical industry is a target area. However, talking about the quantity, we need suitable orders from customers to fulfill our machine capacities. We consider the “Cutting & Grinding” method to be very beneficial for the customers but recently the NEV industry is shifting to the mass market rapidly from the niche field. Thereby our niche strong points may flourish in the medical industry.

How do you make use of the collaboration with your cousin company's specialized one press machine?

Our collaboration maximizes our special tools capability. We do die design and build in house, and the cousin company makes the bespoke machines for the special tooling. We have collaborated on approximately 20 machines as Nissin global. One of the machines is working well for manufacturing the LiB - Lithium Ion coin Battery - cases in our Indonesian plant.


How do you manage your overseas plants?

Other than Japan, we have plants in the states, Singapore, Indonesia and China. We manage and operate pretty well for all of the plants because of the support from our original local partner.  For example, we began our business in the states in 1990. But the first member is still with us and yet to keep studying new technologies with us. Nissin Kogyo evolves worldwide thanks to these collaborations.


Looking forward, what markets or regions do you consider key for your business? Could you elaborate more on your international development strategy?

Expanding our company is not the goal. The vision is to bring our technology to the next level by coworking with our parent company Nissin global. And we would like to contribute to our customers.


Your company is celebrating 63 years this year. Let's imagine that we come back in seven years' time and do this interview all over again. What would you like to tell us in that interview? What goals would you like to have  accomplished by then?

We would like to develop our stamping and core technology to the top level. It is our goal to keep challenging the new markets with our parent company worldwide.